Running trails in Baton Rouge?

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    I just moved into the state recently and I'm looking for some really nice running trails near Baton Rouge to put down some decent mileage in preparation for cross country.

    Any ideas from veteran locals?
  • Patrick Gavin
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    Adam Hoogewind?

    I know you know about Comite... and Highland trails? I don't know if there is all that much more... The LRC'ers are trying to meet once a month for a long run at Tunica Hills if you haven't been up there yet it's worth checking out... very hilly even for a northerner as yourself.... Last time it was Castille, Manning and a few guys from the New Orleans area ... email me your cell and i'll let you knwo the next time we go up there if you are interested ...
  • Jimmy Edwards
    @FreightTrain - If you're looking for real "trails," and don't mind driving, the Tunica and Comite areas seem like good suggestions. For simple, flatland running, just ask someone about the LSU Lakes area. You can get in a decent 6-9 miles if you start at Mike the Tiger's cage at the LSU campus, and then run around all the lakes. There's some nasty street construction on one of the main drags (Stanford). Hopefully you can get through okay. There's a good running store called Varsity Sports (I think it's on Perkins Road), and maybe someone in there will know more about good runnning areas. Good luck!
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    @patrunner1421 - No, I'm not Adam but you're right on the money about me being from the North.
    Highland Trails would be near Highland Park, right?

    @coachjme - I meant "real" trails because I'm getting a little sick of the roads every day. Tunica seems like a bit of a hike but Comite looks within reach.

    I've also heard that Fontainebleau State Park has some good trails, but is it usually for bikers only?

    Thanks to both of you for the information.
  • andrew huston
    places good for car-free running on soft surface: highland park (get someone to show you the 8k cross country course), indepence park (run the perimeter, it's about 2.5 miles), burbank soccer complex (again, the perimeter can get you some distance), and the mississippi river levee (pretty much gravel to new orleans, watch out for cattle guards).

    as far as actual trails, pickings are pretty slim in baton rouge proper.

    i have class in 10 min, but i'll get back on and try to post links to maps as best i can for you.
  • Coach
    The West Feliciana Sports park has a 5 mile mountain bike trail (The Beast) with lots of hills. It has a rough cut addition (still in final stages of construction) for an 8 mile loop. Just outside St. Francisville on Hwy 61 about 2 miles before the high school.
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    @FreightTrain go to highland road park and just run.

    the LSU Cross Country meet and several other meets are hosted there every year. about as tough of a course as you can get for south louisiana.
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    @FreightTrain Fontainebleau State Park at least has a couple loop trails and one very long out-and-back trail. The loop trails have a solid gravel(?) base but the out-and-back trail that I picture is all grass.

    You may be thinking of the Tammany Trace which leads to the State Park, which is a long paved trail for walkers, bikers, horses, and runners.

    The whole Trace is paved well, but if you're looking to stay off of the hard ground, the slope of the grass to both sides of the trace is hardly a problem to run on.

    Tammany Trace - Rail to Trail & Kids Konnection Playground, St. Tammany Louisiana

    Tammany Trace is a scenic 31-mile rail-to-trail conversion and recreational corridor for pedestrians, bicyclists, equestrians, rollerbladers, and joggers with access to Kids Konnection Playground.