LHSAA Regional Meet Hub! Date, Location, Rankings!

Here is all the information you need to know for regional meets across the state as athletes and coaches look to punch their ticket to the 2024 LHSAA State Outdoor Championships at Bernie Moore Stadium.



Region 1-5A


1-5A Boys Rankings

1-5A Girls Rankings

1-5A Results

Region 2-5A

4/25Denham Springs HS

2-5A Boys Rankings

2-5A Girls Rankings

2-5A Results

Region 3-5A

4/24Hahnville HS

3-5A Boys Rankings

3-5A Girls Rankings

3-5A Results

Region 1-4A

4/25Shreveport, LA

1-4A Boys Rankings

1-4A Girls Rankings

1-4A Results

Region 2-4A 

4/23 Cecilia HS

2-4A Boys Rankings

2-4A Girls Rankings

2-4A Results

Region 3-4A

4/23Covington, LA

3-4A Boys Rankings

3-4A Girls Rankings

3-4A Results

Region 1-3A 

4/24Carroll HS

1-3A Boys Rankings

1-3A Girls Rankings

1-3A Results

Region 2-3A

4/24Zachary HS

2-3A Boys Rankings

2-3A Girls Rankings

2-3A Results

Region 3-3A

4/25E.D. White HS

3-3A Boys Rankings

3-3A Girls Rankings

3-3A Results

Region 1-2A

4/24Mansfield HS

1-2A Boys Rankings

1-2A Girls Rankings

1-2A Results

Region 2-2A

4/23University of La.-Lafayette

2-2A Boys Rankings

2-2A Girls Rankings

2-2A Results

Region 3-2A 

4/24New Orleans, LA

3-2A Boys Rankings

3-2A Girls Rankings

3-2A Results

Region 1-1A


Ouachita Christian HS 

1-1A Boys Rankings

1-1A Girls Rankings

Region 2-1A

4/25New Iberia Senior HS

2-1A Boys Rankings

2-1A Girls Rankings

2-1A Results

Region 3-1A

4/24Ponchatoula HS

3-1A Boys Rankings

3-1A Girls Rankings

3-1A Results

Region 1-B

4/23Castor HS

1-B Boys Rankings

1-B Girls Rankings

1-B Results

Region 2-B

4/23Leesville HS

2-B Boys Rankings

2-B Girls Rankings

2-B Results

Region 3-B

4/25Christ Episcopal School

3-B Boys Rankings

3-B Girls Rankings

3-B Results

Region 1-C

4/22Gibsland-Coleman HS

1-C Boys Rankings

1-C Girls Rankings

1-C Results

Region 2-C

4/23Hackberry HS

2-C Boys Rankings

2-C Girls Rankings

2-C Results

Region 3-C 

4/23La. School for the Deaf

3-C Boys Rankings

3-C Girls Rankings

3-C Results

Region 1-1A Results