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St. Joseph's Academy

The Southern Showcase1


2Ruston took 8th after a tie-breaker for 7th. The Bearcats faced off against numerous notorious Texas teams and to see them place so highly among them is a massive accomplishment. Lily Garrett and Parker Nations were the two key players this past weekend with Garrett placing 8th and Nations placing 19th in this stacked field. 


Episcopal Round Table Run3

Mt. Carmel

Mount Carmel Cub Run5This was a narrow victory over Vandebilt Catholic. The team won the meet thanks to the entire team dramatically improving from last week's performance. This was, arguably Mt. Carmel's best race of the season if you account for the absence of Stella Junius. 


Mount Carmel Cub Run

6The Dominican team seems to be stagnant at the moment. Having an extremely similar output of performances as they did in the weeks prior. The team's performance during this race can be argued to be better than it has been, but when it comes down to the numbers, the difference is extremely minimal. 

E.D. White

Mount Carmel Cub Run

4E.D. White felt the absence of Emmie Ritchie this past weekend, taking 4th behind Dominican. Not to say that this was a poor performance for the team, as they are still one of the top programs in the state. 

St. Thomas Aquinas

2022 STA-Southland7The Falcons surprisingly lost this meet by a mere 3 points, even after placing three runners within the top ten. The team placed 2nd after having a considerable drop-off in how they performed last week. This team is still quite good, it just seems like it was an off week for the program. 

Vandebilt Catholic

Mount Carmel Cub Run

8MASSIVE improvements coming from Vandebilt this past weekend. This team stepped up and took 2nd, right behind Mt. Carmel. Almost all of the team's runners posted a season-best.


LCA Knights Invitational9

University Lab School

Episcopal Round Table Run


Lafayette High

Hammock Invitational 2022 12Lafayette did not take the team title like the boys, but they did steal the individual title and also finished 2nd with a score of 45 points. 

St. Thomas More

LCA Knights Invitational



DSHS Yellow Jacket Dash14

St. Martin's Episcopal

Holy Savior Menard Invite11St. Martin's took a slight victory over Alexandria and also almost slipped the entirety of its top five runners into the top ten! On top of that, they had an impressive gap of only 1:23 for their 1-5 split.

Metairie Park Country Day HS

2022 STA-Southland

NRThis is by far Metairie Park Country Day's best race of the season. The team improved by an astonishing amount, even beating St. Thomas Aquinas! The team fit four of its runners within the top 13 and sealed the deal with their fifth. 

Academy of Sacred Heart NO

Mount Carmel Cub Run

18This was an all-around improvement for this team. The time that was dropped between each runner in comparison to last week was great, to say the least. The team came 5th, right behind E.D. White and barely ahead of Walker.


Cedar Creek Wallace Martin Invitational

15Newman won the meet. The team's performance was not stellar when compared to times of previous competition, however, this race is known to be longer than three miles. Taking this into account, this performance from Newman is satisfactory in where they are expected to perform.


Garmin MileSplit TX XC Invitational16Benton only had two girls compete, Claire Allen and Dominique Coore. Allen and Coore both put up very respectable times, along with what is expected of their skill levels.

St. Scholastica

2022 STA-Southland

21St. Scholastica took 3rd, making it a very close team podium finish between Metairie Park and St. Thomas Aquinas. Not to mention that this was a huge improvement for the team. Everyone within the top five dropped incredible amounts of time when compared to last week's performance.


Mount Carmel Cub Run

17Walker took 6th thanks to a strong 1-2 punch from Ava Pitarro and Avery Guidry. The rest of the team is incredibly spread out, leaving openings to gain large amounts of points. 

Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek Wallace Martin Invitational

23Cedar Creek came in a close second to Newman, losing only by 6 points. The team squeezed three of its runners into the top ten and ended up having its best performance of the season. On top of having a stellar race, this course is known to be longer than 3 miles, so who knows what could be in store for the Cougars in the coming weeks.

St. Fredrick

Cedar Creek Wallace Martin Invitational

25Much like Cedar Creek, St. Fredrick also had a standout race, with the majority of the team securing new season bests by a wide margin. Once again, this course is known to be long, so more may be coming in the future for this team.

Parkview Baptist

2022 STA-Southland

19Parkview Baptist took 4th after only running five of their athletes. Naturally, Monistere and Pepitone led the team and acted as crucial low-sticks. 

Parkway High School

The Border Dash20

C.E. Byrd

Garmin MileSplit TX XC Invitational22Byrd placed 19th in the Elite Girls division. The entire team scored season bests for the 5k and Jenna Key led the charge placing 27th overall. 

Teurlings Catholic

Mount Carmel Cub Run

24Teurlings took 7th overall, but the team improved greatly from its last performance. We saw impressive efforts made from the team's 2-5. This makes this Teurlings greatest performance yet.

Louise S. McGehee

Mount Carmel Cub Run

NRMcGehee surprised most of us with their performance this past weekend. The team just had a strong showing in its top three runners that made such a dramatic difference. After that race, McGehee deserved a spot on this list.

St. Michael

2022 STA-Southland

26St. Michael is sliding back slightly. This past meet did not reflect well on their previous performances. This team is still quite good, but the trend between its past performances has not been great. 


McNeese Cowboy StampedeNRHathaway only raced two girls this past weekend, but the strides that they have been making as a team recently have garnered them a spot on this list. The leader for the team this past weekend was Kaitlyn Sawyer who finished 4th in a time of 20:59.


Mount Carmel Cub Run

NRSlidell moves into the top rankings after a strong performance from their top runners. The only concern for this team is its fifth runner who lags a fair amount behind her teammates. With some help or improvement, this team could easily move up these rankings. 

Just missed: Erath, Belle Chasse, Episcopal of Acadiana