Top Middle School Boys of the Season

Now that the cross country season has finally come to a close, let's take some time to acknowledge some of the young runners that have shined brightly this past season. These middle school runners could be the future of cross country for Louisiana and have shown talent at an early age.

Today we recap the top ten middle school athletes for the boys' side of competition. 

No. 10 -- Christopher Schexnaider

Christopher Schexnaider (middle)

At number ten we have Christopher Schexnaider of Acadiana Renaissance Charter. This young runner ran a personal best of 18:44 this season for three miles. He later capped off his season with a 35th place finish at the Class 2A State Meet. 

No. 9 -- Cayden Gorham

Carrying on to number nine is Cayden Gorham of Holy Savior Menard. Cayden has one of the faster times on this list with his personal best of 17:15, but he did not show consistency during the latter half of the season. This is not to take away from his performances early in the season, he is still a young runner with plenty of potential. 

No. 8 -- Miles Morton

Coming in at number eight we have Miles Moton of Parkview Baptist. The 8th-grader has been a consistent runner and rounded up his best mark of the season with his 18:29 for three miles. He is the only runner on this list that did not get to compete at his respective state meet, but his team had plenty of runners and were state champions for 3A. 

No. 7 -- Bastien Sever

Bastien Sever (left)

Moving on to number seven is Bastien Sever of Metairie Park Country Day. He consistently ran sub-19 minutes and holds a best mark of 18:04 for his first-ever season of competition. He closed out his season with his 21st place finish at the Class 1A state meet. 

No. 6 -- Tyler Milioto

At number six we have Tyler Milioto of St. Charles Catholic. Yet another representative from the 2A field, he holds a personal best of 17:47 and has had multiple other performances below the 19-minute mark. He eventually capped off his season as his team's highest finisher at the state meet, as well as an 18th place finish. 

No. 5 -- Barrett Richard

Barrett Richard (left)

Coming in at the number five spot is Barrett Richard of David Thibododaux STEM Magnet Academy. Barrett has had multiple sub-18 minute performances with his best being his time of 17:37. He claimed a 44th finish at the 3A State Meet which was his slowest performance of the season, but it was most likely an off day for him. 

No. 4 -- Conan Buchanan

Conan Buchanan (left)

The fourth spot on our list is home to Conan Buchanan of John Curtis. Though Buchanan does not have as many performances that would equate to a sub-18 minute performance, he does show consistency across the entire season. He competed at the Class 5A State Meet and finished 87th in comparison to his 2020 season where he finished 149th as a 7th-grader. 

No. 3 -- Austin Siebeneicher

Moving into the top three is Austin Siebeneicher of Holy Savior Menard. He has had two performances that were painstakingly close to breaking 17-minutes. His best time sits at 17:04 from early in the season. He improved considerably from his previous 2A State Meet where he finished 51st and claimed a 14th palace finish this year. 

No. 2 -- Patrick Kelly

Runner-up belongs to the only 7th-grader on this list, Patrick Kelly of Episcopal. Yet another consistent runner that has boasted multiplied sub-18 minute performances in his first season of competition. Kelly finished as his team's fourth runner and claimed a 16th place finish at the Class 2A State Meet. 

No. 1 -- Tyler Blissett

Tyler Blissett (front)

Claiming the top spot on our list is Tyler Blissett of Highland Baptist Christian. He is handedly the best middle schooler on the boys' side. He has run below 17-minutes on multiple occasions with his best time coming in at 16:49. After finishing 14th during the 2020 Class 1A State Meet, he returned this year to claim his first podium finish at 3rd place.