Zachary: Returning Boy's Teams Ranking No. 5

We're breaking down our MileSplit LA team's top 5 subjective rankings ahead of the cross country season on both the girl's and boys' side!  We'll release our full MileSplit LA Rankings after revealing the #1 teams and update them over the course of the cross country season.

No. 5 Zachary

Louisana 3 Mile Returning Rankings

LHSAA 5A Returning Rankings


Rhen Langley - 1st

Caleb Ackman - 2nd

Dillon Moree - 3rd

Lejaune George - 5th

Sebastian Rodrigo - 7th


Luke Dubee - 4th

Keiante Lazard - 6th

Next Up:

Dewan Fambro

Sebastain Madison

Last year at the LHSAA cross country state meet, Zachary took home a 7th place finish with 209 points to their name. The team looks to return five of those seven runners while losing its 4th and 6th man. The team will most likely rely on its strong low-sticks like Rhen Langley and Caleb Ackman due to a moderate gap between its runners. Zachary will most likely look to finish much higher than last year based on the explosive track season that was held during the Spring. 

Juniors Dewan Fambro and Sebastain Madison were Zachary's 8th and 9th runners during the 2020 season with personal bests of 17:42 and 17:47, respectively. These runners will most likely come in and settle the team with a comfortable 6th and 7th runner, but leave a fair amount of room between them and Zachary's current 5th runner.

Sophomore Sebastian Rodrigo is coming off of his first year running for Zachary and recorded a personal best of 17:06 for 3 Miles during the 2020 season. Rodrigo later competed at the state meet and placed 88th as the team's 7th runner. He later competed minimally during the track season and ran a personal best of 5:16 for the 1600m

Senior Lejaune George returns as Zachary's 5th runner from the 2020 state meet. George finished 75th at the meet and garnered a personal best of 16:39 earlier in the season. During the track season, he demonstrated his speed with an 800m time of 1:58 and a 6th place finish in the LHSAA 5A 800m. George also competed in the 1600m and 3200m and landed times of 4:43 and 10:28 for each. These times could prove George's fitness and reveal fast times for the future.

Junior Dillon Moree rounded out the third position on the Zachary team this past fall and finished at 49th place, as well as finishing the season with a personal record of 16:41 over 3 Miles. Moree did not compete during the outdoor track season which only leads to speculation as to how he could perform this coming season. 

Senior Caleb Ackman comes back as one of the top runners in the state with a very competitive track season under his belt. Ackman finished the spring season with a personal record of 4:23 for the 1600m and 9:39 for the 3200m along with 6th and 8th place finishes in the 5A field for each of his respective races. During the 2020 season, Ackman finished 21st in the 5A field and could very well return to claim a spot within the top ten. 

Junior Rhen Langley is the top returning runner for the Broncos. For such a young runner, he already has a fair resume. Just this last cross country season he placed outside the top ten at 12th place and at 24th his freshman year. There will be no doubt that Langley will find a place within the top ten this year. This last track season he ran a 4:18 for the 1600m and 9:37 for the 3200m. On top of that, he claimed an indoor state title in the 1600m and a runner-up title in the 3200m. Langley has, by far, surpassed all expectations of a normal sophomore year and he will be sure to impress this cross country season as well. 

Boys Top 5

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#4 - Ruston

#5 - Zachary

Girls Top 5

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#5 - Christ Episcopal