Top 10 of Each Class

After Footlocker South, the season is finally over for all LA cross country runners.  Here is a look at the top 10 runners from each grade for the 2014 season:

Senior Class
1) Zachary Capello, Ascension Catholic 1A- Recently ran 15:30 for 5k at the Footlocker South meet which ties him for the #3 All-Time 5k mark for a LA runner.
2) Hayden Kingfisher, Parkway 5A- The 5A champion looks strong and ready to roll for track for which he has the speed to run some great times.
3) Chace Edwards, Brother Martin 5A- Don't sleep on the 9:42 man.  He improved this XC season by a good margin.  5A could be a dog
fight inthe 3200 this year.
4) Pierce Hill, Catholic 5A
5) Hank Patrick, University 3A
6) Matthews Vargas, Jesuit 5A
7) Keith Mendoza, Shaw 5A
8) Michael Shwing, Jesuit 3A
9) Trey Stewart, John Curtis 3A
10) Patrick Lacour, Jesuit 3A
1) Kaitlin Tanner, Loyola 4A- A consistent force at the front of each race she is in.
2) Hannah Bourque, STM 4A- Strong runner who has a 5:18 to her credit from a previous track season.
3) Ellen Feringa, SSA 4A- Had a breakout 2014 and put herself on the map.  Ran 5:29 last year in her first track season ever.
4) Kylie Touchard, Mandeville 5A
5) Haley Johnson, Newman 2A
6) Bobbi Amar, STA 2A
7) Amber Ferguson, Denham Springs 5A
8) Meghan Jackson, Sacred Heart 3A
9) Hailey Hesterman, Calvary Baptist 2A
10) Sarah Leblanc, SJA 5A
Junior Class
1) Devyn Keith, John Curtis 3A- Had a breakout XC season and put himself on the watch list for national competition next year.  He is far better track runner though.
2) Jeffery Kelley, Catholic 5A- Solid XC runner who has dropped a 9:46 in track.  Will he showcase his talent in track with a sub 9:40?
3) Conner Killian, Rummel 5A- 15:22 gets you some looks.  Killian has grown into a great distance threat and should be on watch for mid 4:20s/9:30s in the spring.
4) Austin Brown, John Curtis 3A
5) Austin Ballow, Sumner 3A
6) Spencer Albright, St. Paul's 5A
7) Bryant White, Shaw 5A
8) Jacob Daigle, Assumption 4A
9) Thomas Kelton, Denham Springs 5A
10) Ryan Burrell, Baton Rouge 5A
1) Gabrielle Jennings, First Baptist C- Sitting as one of the top all-time distance runners for the state, Jennings is close to being national class
2) Claire Crosby, Mandeville 5A- Had a great season up until the injury.  Still had a big improvement.  Can we see sub 2:20/5:10 this year?
3) Sarah Funderbunk, Parkway 5A- Getting a state championship over Annie Hill is always a good sign.  
4) Isabella Hemb, Mt. Carmel 5A
5) Alexa Breaux, Vanderbilt 4A
6) Chelsea Jones, Mandeville 5A
7) Kennedy Smith, Baton Rouge 5A
8) Catherine Belle Paulk, Sacred Heart 3A
9) Samantha Hilburn, Captain Shreve 5A
10) Paige Fatland, Ben Franklin 4A
Sophomore Class
1) Eric Coston, St. Paul's 5A-  Who else could battle through injuries during the season and still run 15:05? Coston could break this school record of 4:12 this year.
2) John Paul Hardin, Zachary 5A- 16:01 at Highland as a Sophomore is a very solid time.  For reference, Capello ran 15:42 and Keith ran 15:39 at Highland in 10th grade.
3) Eli Sisung, Jesuit 5A- Exploded onto the scene this year with a 15:54 at district after only running 10:48 last year.  What can we expect in the spring?
4) Alex Lewis, Holy Rosary C
5) Kris Jackson, EHS 2A
6) Colin Sullivan, St. Paul's 5A
7) Noah Elder, Mandeville 5A
8) Patrick Napier, St. Paul's 5A
9) Randy Carter, Jehovah Jireh C
10) Devin Sauerhoff, Rummel 5A
1) Annie Hill, SJA 5A- The wrecking ball had a setback with some sickness that affected her season, but expect a bounce back in the spring.
2) Ally McCully, Mandeville 5A- From West Virginia to top 3 in 5A, just how much will she improve before track? Could be a great year for Mandeville on the oval.
3) Alissa Landers, Lakeside 2A- Lakeside produces some solid runners in XC.  Can Landers join the sub 12 club this year?
4) Alicia Stamey, EHS 2A
5) Hayley Schwab, EHS 2A
6) Alivia Johnson, Fontainebleau 5A
7) Kirsten Landry, Ascension Episcopal 1A
8) Emily Doyle, Dominican 5A
9) Sophie Daigle, Ascension Catholic 1A
10) Meghan Becerra, STA 2A
Freshman Class
1) Hayden Courrege, Brother Martin 5A- Went from decent to amazing from last year to this year.  Who knows what he can run in the spring?
2) Zachery Barthel, John Curtis 3A- Steadily improved each year.  Could be a sub 10 candidate for the spring.
3) Stephen Schlottman, St. Paul's 5A- Another runner who doesn't realize he's only a freshman.  Breaking 16 is a great sign for the track season
4) Ben Crowley, Brother Martin 5A
5) Adam Wise, Fontainebleau 5A
6) Nathan Anderson, Choudrant B
7) Blake Baldassaro, Holy Cross 5A
8) Henry Elliott, St. Paul's 5A
9) Michael Lee, EHS 2A
10) Marco Perez, Brother Martin 5A
1) Stephanie Breaux, Ascension Catholic 1A- Looks tough as nails as only a freshman.  Close to beating Annie Hill at Metro.
2) Grace Ahrens, Menard 2A- Finished 7th in a tough 2A class.  Menard produces great runners so expect more from Ahrens.
3) Ciara Gilroy, Barbe 5A- Did not finish the XC season, possibly due to injury, but ran 18:59 along the way.
4) Annalane Lee, SJA 5A
5) Jennifer Bennett, SJA 5A
6) Angelle Primeaux, Lafayette 5A
7) Caroline Hensley, Dominican 5A
8) Nadia Haik, Ursuline 3A 
9) Mikayla Ruhl, Newman 2A
10) Troianna Gause, John Curtis 3A