MileSplit LA Coaches Conversation: PB's Coach Chad Landry!

In this week's MileSplit LA Coaches Conversation, we ask Parkview Baptist head coach Chad Landry, who is beginning his fifth year with the Eagles, a few questions. This year, Parkview Baptist will be looking to win its third straight LHSAA boys' cross country state championship.

MileSplit LA:How did you get into coaching?

Coach Landry: I started as soon as I graduated from college

MileSplit LA: What is something you know now that you wish you knew when you started coaching?

Coach Landry: All of the other things that deal with coaching besides just the coaching.

MileSplit LA: What is your team doing this summer to prepare for the upcoming cross country season?

Coach Landry: We practice together three times per week and have a weekly workout to follow

MileSplit LA: Who is an athlete on your team who doesn't get much recognition, but is an invaluable member of the team, and why are they deserving of recognition?

Coach Landry: Caleb Whipp. He's is the glue that holds the team together

MileSplit LA: How has the level of coaching across the state changed since you began coaching?

Coach Landry: There are more knowledgeable coaches and good programs than there were when I started

MileSplit LA: What are the core values of your program that you stress to your team?

Coach Landry: Communication, dedication, and teamwork

MileSplit LA: As a whole, what is the outlook for your team this season?

Coach Landry: We have a strong team on both the boys and girls sides and we hope to have sustained success for the future.

MileSplit LA: What accomplishments are you most proud of in your coaching career?

Coach Landry: The state championships at both schools where I have coached

MileSplit LA: In ten years from now, when you think back on the great performances by your athletes, is there one performance in particular you think will stick out?

Coach Landry: Jacob Daigle winning the individual 4-A state cross country championship in 2014 after losing a shoe in the first 100m of the race

MileSplit LA: Who have been some of the biggest influences in your coaching career?

Coach Landry: Syd Acosta and Sandy Fussell

MileSplit LA: What goals do you have for your team this season?

Coach Landry: Improvement, growth, and hopefully success at the end of the season



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