MileSplit LA Future Star: Sprint NOLA's Khai Brown!

This week's MileSplit LA Future Star is Khai Brown. Brown is running for Sprint NOLA this summer. Last week, she finished second in the 200m hurdles  (28.33) at the AAU Club Championships in Orlando, FL. She also finished No.11 in the 100m hurdles.  In August, she will enroll as a freshman Warren Easton High School in New Orleans.

MileSplit LA: What is your favorite thing do when you are not practicing or competing in track and field?

Khai: Sleeping, I love to sleep. Especially during off season when I'm not training as much.

MileSplit LA: What do you love the most about track and field?

Khai: What I love most about track & field is constantly pushing myself to reach my goals.

MileSplit LA: What track meet or race are you most proud of? Why? What place did you get? What was your time?

Khai: The race I'm most proud of is my Governor Games 200m hurdle race. I had a big personal record, broke the Governor's Games record, & it gave me the No.1 time for my age group running 28.44.

MileSplit LA: What is your favorite event  and why? What is your PR?

Khai: My favorite event is 100m hurdles. It's my favorite event because it's about more than just being fast. You have to be technical with your form and timing. Plus there's always something I can work on to get better. My current personal record is 15.10.

MileSplit LA: What are your goals for this season?

Khai: My goals for this season are to go 14.5 in 100m hurdles and to go 27.5 in 200m hurdles. I've been training really hard and I know I can do it.

MileSplit LA: Who are some of the people who have helped you to to this point in your track and field career and how have they helped you?

Khai: I've been running for Sprint Nola's Coach Nile and Coach Brandon since 2017. They always push me to do my best and trust the process. During off season I do some strength training and biomechanics work with Coach Gary at GLS.

MileSplit LA: How long have you been competing in track and field?

Khai: I have been competing in track in field for 8 years.  I've always loved to run.

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