'22 XC PRESEASON RANKINGS!: Boys' and Girls' No. 21-15!


21. St. Martin's Episcopal

It's always rare to see a small school breakthrough into the top 25, but this is just the case with Division IV St. Martin's Episcopal. They return every single one of their runners from last year's 1A state meet with the exception of their seventh runner. Not only are they returning their top five, but the gap between them is minimal, not to mention the youth that the team possesses. This team is the same returning this year, but look out for those younger athletes to fill in their shoes as they grow as more experienced runners.

20. Barbe

Division I program Barbe takes a heavy hit this year, but, surprisingly, they still crack the top twenty. They lost four of their seven runners from the 5A state meet last year, however, they had their fastest runner that year not compete at the final stage. We're talking about Joseph Geier. He had a very respectable sophomore year last season and an even more impressive track season with large marks hit for his age group. If he can translate that ability into this season, then Barbe may have a low-stick that they need. Not to mention a shadowing duo of William Berman and Isaac Jimney.

19. E.D. White

3A runner-ups E.D. White transitions into Division III. They are in an envious position, as they return everyone that competed at the state meet last year. Not to mention, they have a reliable low-stick with Owen Tauzin. There is no doubt that this will be a team to watch, E.D. White is routinely talented and they have nowhere to go except for up this season.

18. Central Lafourche

Central Lafourche possibly has one of the greatest potentials to climb these rankings. On paper, they have a strong 1-3 delivery but then fall off with their fourth and fifth runners. However, both of those runners were freshmen last season and were inexperienced. If given the wiggle room to grow and improve from last year to now, then you may be hearing much more from them.

17. Zachary

With the loss of Lejaune George and 5A top ten finisher Caleb Ackman, Division I Zachary looks to rebuild. Rhen Langley returns as the team's top runner, as well as a definitive low-stick. He struggled with injury last season, but the team can't afford that this year if they hope for a ticket to the state meet. The biggest threat that faces the Broncos is the drop-off between their third and fifth runners.

16. Walker

Walker is yet another Division I team that faces the almost identical problem that Zachary faces. On paper, they have a low-stick with Jacob Kennedy, but face about a minute of separation between each of their top three runners. This gap will be Walker's greatest struggle this season, but if they are able to run faster as a group, then Walker could be on the rise. 

15. St. Paul's Episcopal

After losing their number two from last year, St. Paul's enters the Division I scene in decent shape. The team has a safe 1-2 with Dominic Muguira and Henry Englehardt and also show potential for pack running with their 4-6. With that said, St. Paul's has a sense of insurance when it comes to the remainder of their top five.