Throwback Thursday #2

Our sophomore edition of this series takes us to the magical land of Highland Park eight years ago. The 2007 edition of the St. Michael's Bayou Boogie. It was a warm, dry day (shoutout to Farmer's Almanac!) and New Orleans showed up in full force, ready to rock and roll on the team side, winning both varsity divisions. Brother Martin won with an extremely low score of 36 while Mt. Carmel won by a similar margin, but with a score of 64

Some standouts that you might remember won the individual titles, Phillip Primeaux of Catholic High won by a cool 19 seconds with a time of 15:51 (we've come a long way in 8 years!) and Malia Cali of St. Thomas Aquinas just dominating with a 17:53.

Take a look through the results and see if you can pick out some names of great runners before they were good!