Preview: This weekend\'s Episcopal Round Table Run






Baton Rouge: In it’s 34th running of the meet the Episcopal Round Table run promises to be an exciting one.  Attracting 40 + teams from various parts of Louisiana and drawing some of the best runners the state has to offer.  Without a doubt this meet should yield some quick times as teams travel to Highland Road Park this Saturday. Some will not be racing simply against competitors but against history as the women’s course record looks to be very much in danger.  This venue has a rich history of fast runners including such names as Robbie Leblanc, Daniel Presedo, Brandon Nicholson, Lindsay Daigle, Gabrielle Lee, and Laura Blessy. 




Please come out and support your fellow runners and experience history in the making in the women’s race as St. Thomas Acquinas’ sophomore Malia Calia in just her second year running tears through the course in a race against herself and the record books. Other notables to look out for are:



Morgan Passman Mt. Carmel

Abby Terhaar Episcopal

Emily Mcafee St. Thomas

Amy Deeble Fontainebleau

Emily Tixier ASH NO

Laura Keyes Fontainbleau

Joran Beccerra STA

Meggie Schmidt ASH NO

Cierra Johnston Redemptorist

Lucie Pyle ESA


In the women’s team race look out for top ranked teams of Mt. Carmel, St. Thomas Acquinas, St. Joseph’s and Episcopal.


The men’s Individual race looks to be an exciting one as well, although an assault on the record  books may not come into play, the race up top looks to be a close one as Baton Rouge’s Phil Goettert, Fontainebleau’s Jeff Sanders, and Catholic’s Mark Primeaux will likely battle for the lead.  With the pack of the following not too far behind (if at all):


Neal Fisher Fontainbleau

Ryan Darling Duhnam

Andrew Abbott Dehnam Springs

Matt Pieri Brother Martin

Christopher Karkins Brother Martin

Kenneth Shiffman Brother Martin

Zack Harris Fontainebleau

Alden Healphy St. Thomas More

Corey Williams St. Michael

Marc Dotson Menard


In the team race top ranked Brother Martin and Catholic are expected to fight for the title but don’t count out St. Michael’s or Fontainebleau!


So come support the runners!!!!

Time schedule is as follows:




8:30…………..Junior Varsity Boys & Girls – 2  Miles (unlimited entries)

 9:00 ………… Girls Varsity 3 Miler (Team Scoring)*  (10 entries only)

 9:45…………. Boys Varsity 3 Miler (Team Scoring)*(10 entries only)

 10:15………....Girls Jr. High 2 Miler (9th and under – Team Scoring) * (15 entries only)

 10:45………….Boys Jr. High 2 Miler (9th and under – Team Scoring)* (15 entries only)          11:15………….Awards Presentation  


List of Teams to be in attendance this year:


Acad. Sac Hrt Grand Couteau, Berwick, Episcopal Acad, Epis BR, Hanson,

Live Oak, Menard, Mt.Carmel, Acad. Sac. Heart NO, Amite,Ascension, Catholic, Assumption, BRHS, Beau Chene, Bolton, Denham Springs, Dominican, Dunham, Dutchtown, East Ascension, Fontainebleau,Grace Christian,Kaplan, Lafayette, Newman, Redemp;torist, Runnels, St. John St. Josephs,St. Michaels, St. Thomas Aquinas, Teurlings Catholic,Walker, West Feliciana, Zachary,Brother Martin, Catholic High  BR,False River, Grace Christian, Stt. Thomas More, Westminster.

                     Round Table Girl’s Individual Champions 
Year  		Name                                              Time                       School 
1979                                  Jan Ettinger                                     15:48 (Episcopal)     Newman
1980                                  Angie Gravois                                 16:59                         ED White
1981                                  Stephanie Gautreau                         16:17                         SJA
1982                                  Stephanie Gautreau                         13:41                         SJA
1983                                  Suzanne Harris                                12:52                         SJA
1984                                  Elke Hershey                                  12:49                         SJA
1985                                  Dawn Mouton                                13:05                         SJA
1986                                  Dawn Mouton                                13:17                         SJA
1987                                  Kim Baker                                       12:33                         BRHS
1988                                  Wren Eversburg                              12:17                         SJA
1989                                  Paige Busch                                     12:31                         St. Martin
1990                                  Carolyn Day                                   12:49                         SJA
1991                                  Karen Thompson                            12:09                         Mandeville
1992                                  Teresa Martin                                 12:58                         Mandeville
1993                                  Laura Blessy                                   11:49                         Mandeville
1994                                       Laura Blessy                                                    12:15                         Mandeville 
1995                                   Laura Blessy                                      11:38                Mandeville
1996                                  Lauren Byrd                                    12:49                         University
1997                                  Lindsay Daigle                                12:11                         Bethany Christian
1998                                  Laurel Huber                                   12:31 (Highland)       Bishop Sullivan
1999                                  Megan Klibert                                 12:21 (Highland)       EDW
2000                                  Gabrielle Lee                                   12:43 (Highland)       Academy Sacred Heart 
2001                                  Grace Ann Nathanson                           11:49 (Highland)     Bishop Sullivan
2002                                  Bridget Daigrepont                         12:11(Highland)        Menard
2003                                  Lindsay Day                                   12:09 (Highland)       St. Thomas Aquinas
2004                                  Lauren Gilbert                                 19:55 (Highland)       EDW
2005                                  Alison Fontenot                            18:51 (Highland)     St. Josephs 
2006        		             Alex Mendrek-Laske                                       19:57       Ben Franklin
Round Table Boy’s Individual Champions             
Year                          Name                                             Time                             School 
1979                          Bobby Hunter                                 17:39 (Episcopal)         Newman
1980                          Fred Hunter                                    17:52                             Newman
1981                          Steve Bergeron                                17:43                             ED White
1982                          Steve Bergeron                                17:30                             ED White
1983                          Wade Wootan                                 15:31                             Newman
1984                          Wade Wootan                                 15:31                             Newman
1985                          Jim Burke                                        15:58                             Catholic High
1986                          Michael Ory                                   16:32                             Episcopal
1987                          Daniel Presedo                                15:27                             Baton Rouge
1988                          Kevin Burks                                    15:59                             Catholic High
1989                          Tre’ Hendry                                    15:56                             Catholic High
1990                          Scott Winter                                    15:59                             Catholic High
1991                          Jerry Snider                                     15:35                             Catholic High
1992                          Chris Jenkins                                  16:07                             Baton Rouge
1993                          Chris Rhodes                                  16:17                             Mandeville
1994                          Robby LeBlanc                               15:46                             Catholic High 
1995                          Robby LeBanc                                    14:41                             Catholic High
1996                          Farris Gransberry                           16:14                             Catholic High
1997                          Brandon Nicholson                         15:20                             CHSNI
1998                          Greg Fell                                         16:04 (Highland)           Episcopal
1999                          Greg Fell                                         15:35 (Highland)           Episcopal
2000                          Gregg Fell                                        15:54 (Highland)           Episcopal
2001                          Mark Landreneau                            15:37 (Highland)           Menard
2002                          Michael Hendry                              16:05 (Highland)           Catholic 
2003                          Jacon Lanclos                                     15:29 (Highland)           St. Amant
2004                          Andy Florek                                    15:42  (Highland)         Bro. Martin 
2005                          Brett Guidry                                        15:04 (Highland)           Jesuit
2006                          Kenny Ehrhardt                              16:06 (Highland)             Jesuit