Meet The MileSplit LA Content Team: Louden Boudreaux!


During the slow summer months, we wanted to shine the light on some members of our MileSplit LA Content Team. This week, we introduce you to Louden Boudreaux, who is a member of the University of Louisiana-Lafayette cross country and track and field program.

You may remember Louden from his work with ULL teammate Chapin Stewart on a podcast called Road to Bernier Moore. He also assisted with MileSplit LA's video coverage at the 2023 LHSAA State Outdoor Meet.

MileSplit LA: Tell us a little about your family.

LOUDEN:Before college I lived with my mother, Kayleen Howell, and my stepfather, Randall Howell. I have seven siblings: Sadie, Emmalynn, Mayleigh, Seth, Jack, and Isaiah. All of my siblings but Seth have run at one point or another, and my stepdad ran in high school and still runs on and off.

MileSplit LA: How did you begin working with the MileSplit LA Content Team?

LOUDEN:I saw a post asking for someone to do interviews for meets in the Lafayette area and I've always wanted to so the opportunity was a no-brainer. Since, I have done multiple meet interviews for XC and track, and this past season I got to do some track meet commentary which was fantastic!!

MileSplit LA: What do you love the most about XC/Track & Field? 

LOUDEN: I think it has to do with the environment people create and pushing yourself to your athletic peak. Just the opportunity to make yourself the best version of you physically and mentally while meeting many different kind, like-minded individuals.

MileSplit LA: Who is the most impressive athlete you have seen while covering XC/T&F for MileSplit LA?

LOUDEN: The most impressive athlete I've seen in recent years, and I am definitely a tad biased because I'm a distance runner, has to be Tyler Blissett. He's extremely talented and at such a young age along with the fact that he hasn't had any extensive injuries is a recipe for greatness and I'm excited to see what happens in the coming years.

MileSplit LA: What is the most gratifying thing about working with the MileSplit LA Content Team?

LOUDEN: That I know what I'm doing is for these hard working high school athletes. XC and track often get looked past, especially in Louisiana with how the popularity of football. However, these kids are still working just as hard, and are just as dedicated, and with even less motivation of flashy articles and media attention. Also, Being able to see your races and competitors races, as well as be able to show your non-runner friends and family what it is you do.

MileSplit LA: Even media have to overcome some obstacles. Is there a meet you remember where you had to overcome some obstacles?

LOUDEN: At all the meets I commentated there were weather complications which affected the entire broadcast. You have to move everything into an electronic safe environment while also having access to outlets. Doing all of that and working around it quickly was pretty interesting.

MileSplit LA: Have you been involved with XC/T&F as an athlete or coach-or even parent? Describe your experience in that role?

LOUDEN: I ran XC and track throughout all of high school at Belle Chasse and currently run for UL-Lafayette as a distance runner from 800m to 10K. I also plan to coach college track one day and so I've had some coaching experience in a few high schools and middle schools. Those team environments are what made me fall in love with the sport and are what help me to do great work for MileSplit.

MileSplit LA: As the MileSplit LA Content Team gets ready for another school year of coverage, what are you looking forward to the most? 

LOUDEN: As part of the high school class of 2021, I'm excited to see the new talent I never had an opportunity to run with. The new teams and athletes rise, and seeing the state MileSplit coverage continue rising to new levels.

MileSplit LA: Who are some people behind the scenes who help you do what you do for MileSplit LA?

LOUDEN: I'm lucky enough to have an entire college team of athletes, many of whom ran in high school in Louisiana, as well as all the athletes I've come to know throughout my many years of running who constantly give me feedback on what MileSplit puts out, and they offer many great ideas.

MileSplit LA: Is there a question that you wish we asked, but didn't? What is the question and answer?

LOUDEN: If you asked me what I think about the running scene in Louisiana I'd say it is booming. I've seen a lot of greatness and great things coming out, especially of the high school scene the past few years. Between elite teams inspired by Jesuit, to great track meets, and more. And of course the better and better coverage being done by MileSplit.