2003 Meet Under the Lights Photos

Ed Egan (1st), Bud Weis (yes thats his real name),& Trey Weis (3rd)
Pat Gavin, Mr. Wiggins, and Andy Huston playing with the Timing system
Coach Terryl Chatham (The Meet's Organizer)
The young men's 100 yard dash - Jeremy Cobb (10.8), Chris Hodgins (11.13), Corey Denstel (11.9)..... Ian Krentel 23.95 - there's a reason this one runs distance
A surprise entrant - Paulina Buldykova from the Czechoslovakian National Track Team and Olympian at 100 meters
Carly Dessauer runs away witht he title followed closely by Jennifer Egan - Paulina disapointedly pulls up 1.534 meters into the race
Dennis Driskel and Buster Chatham - taunt and wave to the crowd with their elite performances
Kate Accardo and Joe Eldrige
Start of the Men's mile.... hmm I wonder who is going to win?
Good Guess Philip Lagat the SLU Kenyan cruises for the win in 4:32
Mike Sciortino 5:33
Jacen Lanclos and Luke Dessauer
Chad Dufren (C-Duff)
Seth Dessauer displays what fun it is to run a race in your free time
James Kemp of LSU aka "Jemps"
Bone Man
Brandon Dixon 2:08 for 800 meters on the cinders - not too bad
Ok another picture of Paulina running the 800 meters - what a hottie
Ed Egan - 9 year old wonder
Corey Denstel and Jacen Lanclos taking it easy.... a little too easy
Kevin Mineo 2:43
Paulina Buldykova with the lean - but Ed Egan gets her this time
Bud Weiss (again what a name) and Dennis Driskel 3:06 and 3:07
Andrew "Booga" Baier showing what it takes to be part of the winnign DMR team (winning costume team that is)
Doug Fields also part of the village people team - nice log
Megan Daigle - Village ppl aka team Star Trek
Start of the 3/2 mile
Chaz Caiado takes out the early lead
Christy Zirkle and Megan Broussard having fun
Robbie Stevens
"Big Dave" Dessauer
Da Band
Jenny Luka and Joe Aldridge - Get a room
LSU bound Serge Villanova
Ian Krentel the 5A XC early leader and last place 100 meter runner - this guy never learns
Cobb and Bone man
Coach Brendan Minhan
Doug & log = inseparatable
"Joe Hugger" Morris takes the baton for his blazing 800 performance
Micah Simeneaux
The infamous "BC" lurks in the darkness
Doug finishes his leg for team Star Trek
Baton in route
Chaz Caido gets the Baton from his teammate - now turn to page 72
Lindsey Daigle - STUD
Andrew Lilly gets the Baton and heps represent Catch 22
Chirs Kelly Mt. Carmel Coach
Will Silk anchors "mixed breed" to the title
The swet sweet victory of taking your team from 2nd to last into 3rd to last
Booga jogs in - in style