Dr. Richard Morvant Invitational - CANCELLED 2021

Thibodaux, LA
Hosted by E.D. White
Timing/Results Chipped Timing

Athlete Entries

Boys JV Two Mile Run 28 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Guidry, Talan Terrebonne
Kanju, Micah Houma Christian
Bonilla, Miguel Belle Chasse
Ware, Chosen Belle Chasse
Sarmiento, Jair Belle Chasse
Coppola, Chase St. Amant
Fuentes, Rene Belle Chasse
Vaughn, Lathen St. Amant
Holder, Landon Belle Chasse
Dunbar, Shawn St. Amant
Betts, Tim Terrebonne
Nguyen, Tai Belle Chasse
Richardson, Joseph St. Amant
Beach, Benjamin Parkview Baptist
Use', James Terrebonne
Younk, Aiden Belle Chasse
Le, Alan Belle Chasse
Davis, Zian Belle Chasse
Allen, Malik St. Amant
Gross, Gregory Belle Chasse
Bagala, Christian St. Amant
Lindner, Noah Belle Chasse
Fountain, Cody St. Amant
Ramey, Jacob Parkview Baptist
Broussard, Caleb Terrebonne
Shepherd, Patrick Belle Chasse
Winniger, Peyton Terrebonne
Boget, Aidan Belle Chasse
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Boys Three Mile Run 50 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Gough, Justin Belle Chasse
Rivas, Marco St. Amant
Blanchard, Christian Houma Christian
Nguyen, Carter Terrebonne
Diaz, Jesus Houma Christian
Moore, Hayes Terrebonne
Aysen, Cameron Houma Christian
Babin, Aiden Houma Christian
Blanchard, Gunner Houma Christian
King, Reginald St. Amant
Toncu, Keith Belle Chasse
Delgado, Antonio Houma Christian
Manno, Jake Terrebonne
Sins, Brady Houma Christian
Saia, Christian Houma Christian
Abadie, Ryan Terrebonne
Bourg, Laban Houma Christian
Blanchard, Dawson Houma Christian
Bourgeois, Peyton 15:53.54 St. Amant
Whipp, Wyatt 16:09.72 Parkview Baptist
Palmer, Brady 16:21.66 Belle Chasse
Madere, Landin 16:45.00 Belle Chasse
Luckoski, Jace 16:53.70 Belle Chasse
Jarreau, Easton 16:56.84 St. Amant
Feucht, Kohl 17:05.11 Parkview Baptist
Breland, Drake 17:12.10 Belle Chasse
Fuentes, Leonardo 17:14.17 St. Amant
Howell, Jack 17:16.70 Belle Chasse
Broussard, Konner 17:39.30 Parkview Baptist
Whitlock, Tristen 17:51.05 Belle Chasse
Wilson, Noah 18:05.80 Parkview Baptist
Whipp, Caleb 18:07.10 Parkview Baptist
DeLatte, Ethan 18:10.06 Parkview Baptist
Miller, Ryan 18:24.64 Belle Chasse
Williams, Alex 18:34.65 Terrebonne
Monistere, Aiden 18:45.70 Parkview Baptist
Crooks, Reid 19:07.73 St. Amant
Moton, Miles 19:08.14 Parkview Baptist
Boudreaux, Reed 19:21.30 Parkview Baptist
Cowart, Collin 20:14.02 St. Amant
Sonier, Hayden 20:35.21 Terrebonne
Naquin, Loukas 20:53.66 Terrebonne
Morello, Bruce 20:57.25 Parkview Baptist
Porche, Gavin 21:42.30 Terrebonne
Gibson, Jordan 21:58.86 St. Amant
LeBouef, Braden 22:08.64 Terrebonne
Credeur, Cody 22:37.09 St. Amant
Barnes, Nathan 22:40.41 St. Amant
Champagne, Zachary 23:47.99 Belle Chasse
Guerrero, Noah 24:08.83 Terrebonne
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Girls JV Two Mile Run 8 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Boudreaux, Emmalynn Belle Chasse
Naquin, Kayla St. Amant
Bascom, Aliyah St. Amant
Nolen, Mallory St. Amant
Heller, Samantha Belle Chasse
LeBlanc, Georgia St. Amant
Gonzales, Sarah St. Amant
Babin, Brooklynn Houma Christian
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Girls Three Mile Run 37 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Guerrero, Cele Terrebonne
Benoit, Colette Houma Christian
Nash, Baysil Parkview Baptist
Delgado, Gabriella Houma Christian
Templet, Nina St. Amant
Downer, Lola Houma Christian
Shields, Isabelle St. Amant
Rebollar, Joselyn St. Amant
Buckley, Madeleine Belle Chasse
Ayestas, Janivy St. Amant
Davis, Grace Parkview Baptist
Sullivan, Lily Terrebonne
Fazzio, Abigail Terrebonne
Disalvo, Mary Houma Christian
Bascle, Addison Terrebonne
Breaux, Gracie Houma Christian
Ulberg, Mikayla St. Amant
Penalber, Heidi St. Amant
Zepeda, Leslie St. Amant
Sauer, Kateleigh Belle Chasse
Pepitone, Gracie 20:14.85 Parkview Baptist
Liner, Margaret 21:17.15 Parkview Baptist
Bourg, Emma 21:36.00 Houma Christian
Bascom, Mya 21:41.34 St. Amant
Boudreaux, Mayleigh 21:45.51 Belle Chasse
Schreffler, Emma 21:51.97 Belle Chasse
Fernandez, Madeline 21:58.19 Belle Chasse
McCulloch, Caroline 22:08.71 Parkview Baptist
Bernhard, Addyson 22:17.60 Parkview Baptist
Schubnel, Emma 23:13.60 Belle Chasse
Dykes, Scarlett 23:20.10 Belle Chasse
Corradi, Patricia 23:54.30 Belle Chasse
Hale, Evelyn 24:32.67 Terrebonne
Adames-Incer, Rosamelida 25:23.47 Belle Chasse
Angel-erives, Rebecca 26:52.03 St. Amant
Lobrie, Joelle 28:34.15 Belle Chasse
Forest, Raegan 34:47.05 St. Amant
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