C.E. Byrd XC Season Opener 2019

Bossier City, LA
Hosted by C.E. Byrd

Athlete Entries

High School Boys Three Mile Run 34 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Bouriquue, Joshua North DeSoto
Debello, Chandler Parkway High School
PAYTON, JAMAR Natchitoches Central
Bates, Jayden North DeSoto
Phillips, Connor Parkway High School
Duirden, Joe Natchitoches Central
Smith, Cooper Airline
Primeaux, Braden Parkway High School
Frost, Dayton Natchitoches Central
Norman, Kameron Airline
Martin, Davis Parkway High School
Blackstock, Preston Airline
Burns, Tyson Airline
Tillman, William Airline
DAVIS, CHANCELLOR Natchitoches Central
Campanlla, Michael North DeSoto
Davis, Preston Parkway High School
Dees, Austin Natchitoches Central
Larson, Garrette Parkway High School
Maggio, Samuel Natchitoches Central
Collins, Mason North DeSoto
Earnest, Brendan Parkway High School
Kirkendoll, Anthony Natchitoches Central
Wilbert, Jaylin Airline
Phipps, Rush Parkway High School
FRANKLIN, RODNEY Natchitoches Central
Bacon, Bradley Airline
Vailes, Jacob Parkway High School
Wilson, Zachary Airline
Barrier, Ethan Airline
Legano, Xavier Airline
Reed, Sonny Parkway High School
BREMSY, TIYIA Natchitoches Central
Riser, Carson North DeSoto
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High School Girls Three Mile Run 43 entries

Athlete Seed Team
McEntee, Emilie Airline
Tunek, Lisette Parkway High School
Periban, Kendryx Airline
Seinos, Mayra Parkway High School
Anderson, Madison Parkway High School
Blackburn, Ivy Parkway High School
Terrell, Molly North DeSoto
Landry, Karleigh Parkway High School
DANS, OLIVIA Natchitoches Central
Johnson, Courtney North DeSoto
Morrow, Alayna Parkway High School
Lazard, Kytiere Natchitoches Central
McAllen, Allison North DeSoto
Noguez, Marcella Parkway High School
RACHAL, MAKENZIE Natchitoches Central
Peterson, Kate North DeSoto
McCaffree, Laura North DeSoto
Moradel, Brooke Parkway High School
Smith, Marie Parkway High School
Newman, Elizabeth Airline
Davis, Savannah Parkway High School
Rodgers, Annet Parkway High School
Newman, Erica Airline
Harper, Ali Parkway High School
Landry, Heather Parkway High School
Barber, Emma Parkway High School
Burback, Landry North DeSoto
Dipboye, Avery Parkway High School
ANDERSON, KATHERIN Natchitoches Central
Terrell, Claire North DeSoto
Lummus, Landry Parkway High School
DELACRUZ, JACI Natchitoches Central
Edwards, Patience North DeSoto
Morrow, Ariel Parkway High School
HARDWELL, AANIYAH Natchitoches Central
Terrell, Sophie North DeSoto
Hale, Annagrace Parkway High School
Schroeder, Brooklyn Parkway High School
Cain, Kimberly Natchitoches Central
Springer, Katherine North DeSoto
Cobb, Natalie North DeSoto
Mcalister, Maggie Parkway High School
Faure, Olivia Airline
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Middle School - Boys 2-Mile Run 22 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Woods, Kerel Turner Middle School
Jackson, Chris Turner Middle School
Laird, Dilan Walnut Hill Elementary/Middle Sc
Desdunes, Ryan Turner Middle School
Mancho, Preston Walnut Hill Elementary/Middle Sc
Williams, Shamar Turner Middle School
Franklin, George Walnut Hill Elementary/Middle Sc
Mayfield, Marquis Turner Middle School
Campbell, Logan Walnut Hill Elementary/Middle Sc
Easter, Tareyon Turner Middle School
Brown, Anthony Turner Middle School
Walker, Christian Turner Middle School
Edwards, Derrick Turner Middle School
Gunn, Hayden Walnut Hill Elementary/Middle Sc
Foster, Kolton Walnut Hill Elementary/Middle Sc
Ester, Mack Turner Middle School
Brown, Jaylan Walnut Hill Elementary/Middle Sc
Black, Jordan Turner Middle School
Foust, Izaiah Walnut Hill Elementary/Middle Sc
Fuller, Edgar Turner Middle School
Caballero, Juan Walnut Hill Elementary/Middle Sc
Young, Re'Coriyon Turner Middle School
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Middle School - Girls 2-Mile Run 14 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Christopher, Alisha Turner Middle School
Taylor, Shanyla Turner Middle School
Davis, Andy Walnut Hill Elementary/Middle Sc
Whitehurst, LaVondria Turner Middle School
Campbell, Eriona Walnut Hill Elementary/Middle Sc
Simmons, Crystal Turner Middle School
Lewis, Jordan Turner Middle School
Billingsley, Laila Turner Middle School
Ward, Leanna Turner Middle School
McWilliams, Jeneah Walnut Hill Elementary/Middle Sc
Francis, Makoriyae Turner Middle School
Warmsley, Mikaylen Walnut Hill Elementary/Middle Sc
Simmons, Kiara Turner Middle School
Taylor, Katrina Turner Middle School
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