Interview: Dominigue, Whitrock, Calia, Schmidt, Johnson, Hodges, Mendrek-Laske, Clark

LA#1 Sacred Heart (GC) Simone Domingue (17:56)

How Many Years have you been running?
I've been running cross-country since the eighth grade.

What got you started on running?
One year when I was on the volleyball team, I realized that I could run faster and further than the other girls on the team.

What's your typical week of mileage/ training consist of?
During the summer I maxed out at 57, but during the season I go down to about 30-35.

Thoughts on your Coach Coach Kelly LaMaison is an incredible coach. She's only coached ne for two years now, but I've made huge improvements within those years. She knows so much about running and builds my training on what's best for me. Her positive outlook keeps my sometime pessimistic one in check.

Favorite/ most memorable race you have run this year/and in your career?
I have to say this year that the ASH cross-country classic was my best race. It felt great to break 18 on my home turf. In my career I would have to say last years state indoor 3200m race. It was my first state title, and it helped prove to myself that I was improving and that I could accomplish big things.

Are you looking forward/ getting excited about the state meet?
Of course, it's the time to show what you've been training for all season and all summer. I am also really excited about Footlocker. I can't wait to get out there because there is going to be some great competition.

Who do you consider your biggest rival in state both individually and as a team?
I first of all have to say that I think class 2a will be the most competitive this year at state. There are many girls in this division that capable of great things. I have to hand it to Malia of STA. For this being her first year she's looking fierce. And there's girls like Julia of UHigh and Hodges of Episcipal. These girls are incedible competitors, nad overall I think it'll be a close race.

What's your motivation to keep pushing in races when you're out front alone and know you have it won?
I have to just remind myself to not give in, to make it hurt. I have to run as if there is someone on my heels, because you never know who is behind you.

What is/ were your goals for this season/ and do you feel you have met them/will meet them?
This season I wanted to break 18 and be first in the whole state. I have accomplished both of those goals. As a team we wanted to be parish and district champs, which we also accomplished. We hope to be in the top 5 at state which I think is very possible if everyone races to their potential on Tuesday. At state I intend to be well under 18 and state champion.

Any superstitions? race day rituals?
The night before state I always watch Without Limits or Fire on the Track. I hope to get the whole team addicted to Pre this year.

What do you do when you are not running/hobbies etc?
When I'm not running I'm with my friends, haning out or running around lafyette. I also like to read a bit and I recently picked up sewing as a new hobby.

Are you going to continue running in college? Which colleges are you considering?
I'm definitely going to continue running in college. I'm looking into Tulane, University of Alablama, Mississippi State, and University of Soth Carolina and with others.

Who is someone you look to as a role model (running and non)?
I would have to say my coach, Kelly. I look up to her because she's an incredible person. She cares so much for everyone on the team and works so hard to help everyone. She's spirited and positive, alwyas reminding me to look at life and running as a gift. I look up to her not just because she herself is an amazing runner and coach, but because she's a brillant human being.

If you could tell a young and upcoming runner one thing that helped you reach where you are right now what would it be?
Remeber why you run. Don't run for anyone else but for yourself, and run becasue you love it.

How's it feel to have the fastest time in Louisiana this year? When you show up to a meet do you feel others are intimidated and how do you keep yourself humble with the amount of success you have enjoyed?
It feels good to have the fastest time, but I have to continue to work because that can always change.. It's funny that this year I'm on the top. In years past I've looked up to the best girls in the state with a lot of admiration, now that I'm at that level I don't feel any different. I don't think that others are very intimidated by me. I guess that's because I know so many runners and I am friends with so many runners that I couldn't see anyone being intimidated by me. I keep humble because I know so many amazing runners who have incredible futures ahead of them.