Running legends coming to Louisiana Running Company for the day...

 Two time Boston Marathon champion, Geoff Smith and former local New Orleans road racer, Mike Keogh (28:30 10K) will be at Louisiana Running Company this Friday, 1:30-2:30 PM!!! Come hang out, enjoy a cup of LRC coffee, and get to know these running legends!



Interview with Mike Keogh:




Too those familiar with the roads of old in New Orleans, the name Mike Keogh may ring a familiar bell....


Mike was born in Middleton County Cork, Ireland and came to the United States in 1950.  He attended Essex Catholic High School in New Jersey.  He was a freshman when his teammate, Marty Liquori, broke four in the mile.  While most high schoolers would have been shadowed by this great, Mike was not. He went on to run a 4:10 mile and 8:54 two mile, winning the very prestigious Golden West title in that event.  He ran against big names such as Prefontaine, Shorter, etc.




Louisiana Running Company: What made you choose Manhattan College?

Mike: My high school coach Fred Dwyer coached me in high school and then went on to Manhattan, where I followed him.


How many Miles per week did you do in college vs. high school?

100 miles per week in high school  

140 miles per week in college


You ran in the Olympics for Ireland. What year?  

What are your life time bests (PRs)?

Top running achievements?

I ran for Ireland in the 1972 Munich Olympics. 

Became a US citizen in 1976 and finished 6th in the US trials 5000 Meters 


My best times are as follows: 

1 mile 4:01  

2 mile 8:38  

5k 13:32 

10k 28:30  

15k 43:45 

Only ran one marathon... 2:28  and hated it



National U.S. 5k champion 1972   

Irish 5k champ 1972 

1500 silver medalist Ireland 1972   

NCAA 2 mile champ 1973


What tied you to Louisiana, How did you end up down here?

Came to New Orleans for a sales job in 1980   




You coached distance at LSU. Tell us a little about that and the  

coaches and athletes you came in to contact with? Also, what have you been doing since?


I Coached Bob Beck, Mike Quigly (4 minute guys at LSU), a kid named Green who left LSU and went to Michigan College and won silver in the 1984 Olympic games at 800 meters.


I was part of the LSU sports medicine team in 2002-2003.


I became a chiropractor in 1989.

I was the chiropractor for the PGA tour for 3 years starting in 2004.

I specialized in sports injuries for 20 years. This included specialization in the biomechanics of the lower extremities- knee, foot, ankle, and gait analysis etc.



What do you do now?   Any more racing currently?

Tell us about your coaching service you are launching....

Ties with the Jazz Half?

Presently forming a sports program with Geoff Smith for the training of runners in the marathon, 10K, and 5k.  Sports injury advice available to all involved in our program.


I have known Mike Cambre (race director for the Jazz Half) for the past 30 years.


Thanks Mike!!!



Interview with Geoff Smith:


1. How old were you when you started running? Any particular reason you started running?

I started running later than my running peers. I was 21 when I started competing, prior I was a soccer player. Reason I started running- I was a Liverpool firefighter and ran for soccer and to stay in shape for my job. When the Fire Department decided to take a cross country team to Paris to compete I decided to train for the qualifier event which I won then I went to Paris and won. I never looked back.

2. What are your PRs?

800- 1.51

Mile - 3.55

2 mile 8.22

5K  13.22

10K 27.42

10 mile 45.48

Half M  61. 32

Marathon 2.09.08

3. What was your most memorable race?

Most memorable race I find that hard there are several all from different stages of my running career

One race I guess would be my Mile 3.55 and a victory.

4. If you could give one piece of advice about running, what would it be?

Enjoy what you are doing and when you race only focus on the things you can control YOURSELF.

5. What are you up to now?

Teaching and starting a running, training and advice company with Mike using the internet.





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