Top US Girls Javelin Throwers Form Friendship Camping


The top returning javelin throwers in the nation converged on Baton Rouge this weekend for the Louisiana Track & Field Camp on the campus of LSU.

The camp, which was started by Robert Woosley and Tom Putskys in 1997, included a hit parade of the top returning javelin throwers in the nation, including the top returning female Mckenzie Fairchild (159-2) from Andale High School (KS)

Fairchild is no stranger to elite throws camps. What she is a stranger to is not having her older sister, Katelyn Fairchild, with her.

The older sister, who was ranked US#2 in 2021 with a throw of just over 175'0, moved to College Station after signing with Texas A&M. 

South Beauregard's Trinity Spooner, who led all females in Louisiana with a best throw of 152-4 in 2021 was also in attendance.

It's not the first time for Fairchild and Spooner at an elite throws camp, and will not be their last for the juniors.

It was at a National Scholastic Foundation camp in Sioux Falls in August when Spooner and Fairchild formed their friendship.

"The Sioux Falls camp was the first one I didn't have my training group with me, and it was the first time she didn't have her sister with her," Spooner said. "It really helps because we are the same size so we get paired up with each other pretty frequently. We realized 'Oh, we're a good match.'"

That friendship has carried over to the Louisiana Track & Field Camp this past weekend where the two were able to hang out and receive expert instruction from Woosley, the Louisiana Track & Field Camp director, and his friend and former American record holder Tom Putskys. 

"The education level is different from what you get in high school," Spooner said. "It definitely affects how you throw."

In December, Fairchild, even though she was coming off of volleyball season, traveled to Birmingham, Alabama to attend Putskys throws camp at Samford University. 

"He is just amazing, altogether," Fairchild said of Putskys. "He is a funny guy. He loves to teach. He loves to have a relationship with the people he is teaching. All the coaches are amazing. They each have their different style, but they all go around the same workouts and same concepts."

Most of the "coaches" are actually a part of Putskys Olympic caliber assortment of throwers who train year round with the coach in Birmingham. The group includes 2020 Olympian Curtis Thompson and former LSU All-American Rebekah Wales.

With the 2022 outdoor season only a few weeks away, Spooner and Fairchild have their eyes set on some lofty goals.

"I want to throw 165'," Spooner said. "That number is calling my name!"

Fairchild is shooting for "mid 60s or 170."

Recruiting has begun to pick up for both, and will continue to do so-especially if they are able to hit their goals, but the juniors have plenty of boxes to check off their list at the high school level before thinking much about college.

However, Fairchild did pick up on some things as she watched her older sister go through the process.

"I realized that I've got to love what I do to be able to throw for four years," Fairchild said. "And you got to love the coach, or it's not going to be any for you. And you've got to love the place."