Season Recap: Dunham's Historic Upset

After a long break, we are finally back with John Walker McDonald and Coach Zach Capello on their historic upset for the Class 2A cross country state title.

- - -

Prior to the 2021 2A cross country championship, Episcopal had won the past 25 consecutive cross country championships. This record stood as the second-longest high school winning streak in national history. This past November, Dunham beat out the defending champs by just one point and made history. 

*Watch the end for a special announcement*


Background -- 1:04

2020 State Meet -- 16:05

2021 State Meet -- 19:50

Antonio Delgado -- 24:00

Season in Review -- 28:00

Upcoming Goals -- 32:40

Question Blowout -- 35:35

Special Announcement -- 39:45

Other Interviews:

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Hunter Appleton -- Colorado University