Interview: St. Joseph's Academy Head Coach Mark LaHaye

We caught up with St. Joseph's Academy head coach Mark LaHaye to talk about his team's first few meets, how they prepared for the season, and more.

Interview Talking Points:
  • 00:15 - How the first few races have gone for SJA
  • 1:15 - How hurricane Ida affected training and racing.
  • 3:41 - The team's preparation for the McNeese State Cowboy Stampede
  • 4:44 - Michelle Daigle's Race at Episcopal Round Table Run
  • 6:30 - Preseason camp motivation and the '5-Things' team discussion
  • 9:00 - The benefits of traveling to a preseason camp
  • 11:25 - Competing at The Nike South Region Meet and mindset
  • 14:36 - What has it been like building a program and a culture at SJA?
  • 17:22 - How does building a culture impact the state and other teams?
  • 18:50 - Where we will see SJA put their top squad on the line before state
  • 21:08 - Finals thoughts on Louisiana XC

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