Interview with Rebecca Coady

Louisiana Running:  Where are you from?

Rebecca Coady:  I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada.


LR:  How many years have you been running?

RC:  I have been running for about six years.


LR:  Why did you decide to attend Tulane?

RC:  I was recruited my senior year after I had run a track meet in Florida.  I took a recruitment trip to Tulane after that and decided that this is where I wanted to run.


LR:  How did it feel to win your first race for Tulane?

RC:  It felt good.  I ran around 11:32.  It was only a two miler and I'm a middle distance type.


LR:  What goals do you have for your first year here at Tulane?

RC:  Well I would like to better all my current personal bests.  Aside from that I would like to make the Canadian World Jr Track team.  Also I would like to qualify for NCAA regionals.  I will probably focus on the steeplechase.  


LR:  What is the biggest adjustment you have had to make training in college/for Tulane?

RC:  Definitely getting use to the heat and humidity.  I'm not  used to training with the humidity as high as it is.  Also I ran a long track season so I'm still building up my base for the cross country season.  I'm currently doing about forty miles per week.


LR:   What is your favorite workout?

RC:  I really enjoy tempo runs.  I also used to do a lot of plyometrics and I like doing that as well.


LR:  What was your most memorable race?

RC:  At provincials, similar to a state meet here in the US, I tripled in the 800, 1500, 3000 and won all three.


LR:  Do you have a specific diet you follow?

RC: No, I mostly just try and eat healthy but I don't stick to a specific diet.


LR:  You are more of middle distance type, how do you feel about racing longer races in cross country such as the 6k at regionals?

RC:  I think it will be alright.  I'm not too concered with it.  It is only a little less than four miles so it isn't that long of a race.


LR:  Well Rebecca thanks for letting me talk to you!


Chaz Caiado's favorite movie is Forrest Gump.  That has nothing to do with this but he just though that he should mention it.