Interview with LA Techs Latonia Wilson

Louisiana Tech senior Latonia Wilson had a stellar outdoor season in 2007 capped off with All-American honors in the women’s 200 and 4x400 relays. During conference season, she earned High Point during the 2007 WAC Championships as well as Outstanding Female Performer of the Year en route to a conference title for the Lady Techsters. Wilson has been selected to run for the USA Women’s track team at the upcoming North American, Central American and Caribbean Games in El Salvador this weekend and then the Pan-American Games in Rio, Brazil next week.


Q:  Describe the feeling you have running for your country.


A:  It’s a feeling that’s indescribable.  The only thing that I can is say is “blessed.”


Q:  What did Louisiana Tech provide for you?


A:  Tech provided a safe, caring and successful academic and athletic career.


Q:  What sort of competition will you be facing?


A:  I will be facing elite competition from 30 different countries.


Q:  What will you do after track?


A:  After track, I plan on going to physical therapy school.


Q:  How has your commitment to track affected your personal life?


A:  My commitment to track has raised my faith level in my personal life.


Q:  What do you tell the new-coming athletes on the team?


A:  I tell the newcomers to stay focused, strong and have God somewhere close to your heart.


Q:  What’s been the highlight of your college career?


A:  The highlight was running a 22.80 second 200-meter dash at the Arkansas Invitational in April.


Q:  What have you not accomplished yet as far as track is concerned?


A:  An Olympic medal!


Q:  Who was your biggest inspiration growing up?


A:  My parents are still my inspiration.


Q:  Who is a sports role model you would recommend for children?


A:  Jackie Joyner Kersee.


Q:  Why would someone choose Louisiana Tech over another school?


A:  Tech excels in academics and athletics.


Q:  What other sport do you believe you would excel in?


A:  Basketball.