2014 Louisiana XC State Meet Prediction Contest

Now's your chance to show everyone your knowledge of the cross country (or just your powers of prediction). It's our 2014 XC State Meet Prediction Contest and you have just five days to enter (ending Sunday night at midnight). The top three guessers will win gift certificates to our online store, prizes ranging from $100-75-50 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Ready... set... go!

Everyone who enters (and gives a legitimate shot at predicting each class) will recieve a Louisiana Running T-Shirt.




1) Post your entry on the forum in this topic before Sunday at midnight.

2) Predict the top three TEAMS and INDIVIDUALS in each classification for both genders.

3) You do not have to predict every classification and gender if you don't want to.... you will just forfeit the points in which ever ones you skip & your free LA Running t-shirt.

4) Tie breaker... predict the fasest times (boys and girls) and lowest point totals (boys and girls) overall. You do not need to say WHO will have that time/points, just the numbers.

*** Last year's prediction contest can be found HERE here if you need an example of the format: 


One point for every athlete/team that you say will be top three who actually is.

Two points for every athlete/team that you predict in the correct position.

Three bonus points for each category that you pick all three spots correctly.

The tie breaker questions will be used if there's still a tie... we will add the total number of seconds and points that you are off by. The one who has the lowest difference will win.

The top three scores will receive a coupon code to thumb through out online store with values $100-$75 or $50 at their disposal depending on their place.  


What if someone copies my answers?

If there are completely identical answers (which almost certainly means they were copied directly) then the first one who posted will win.