How to: Upload your photos/videos/ and link to athletes.

Uploading Photos:

We have now integrated a feature so that you can easily upload your photos of meets. On each meet page, there is a section that says Photo Albums that lists out any photo albums that have been added from that meet. In the past this has only been albums that site administrators have added.

Below the list of albums, you'll see a link that says "Add Your Photos".

Click on that link and you will be able to upload your own photos  (if you have a login) from the meet to augment our coverage. As many as you like!

Our easy uploading functionality will allow you to upload them all at once. Enjoy!

Uploading Videos:

  • Select the meet you wish to upload a video
  • click the "add your videos" button
  • paste your you tube video link in the correpsoing bar.

Tagging Photos:

  • Select a meet album.
  • Scroll to the photo you wish to  tag.  (This capability is enabled if you have a login name - make sure you are logged in).  
  • At the bottom of the photo there will be a "Tag an athlete function"
  • Type in the athlete's name and click the search button
  • Select the athlete from the list and magic!  the photo is forever tagged to the athlete... (which will be an awesome feature for those looking back years later)



Thanks to everyone who has been uploading and tagging!

Louisiana Milesplit