Bonnet Carre Spillway

From New Orleans, proceed westbound on I-10 to I-310 just past Kenner. From the Baton Rouge area, proceed eastbound on I-10 to I-310, located just before Kenner. Exit at I-310 south and continue to Hwy-61 (first interchange) exit westbound towards Norco and Laplace on Hwy 61. Continue for @ 6 miles, to just past the Shell Oil Refinery and before the Spillway Bridge, turn right onto the Spillway Boat Launch access road atop the levee. Signs will be posted at this intersection. Do not turn left at the Spillway Office sign, that is not the race site.

Venue Records

NOT OFFICIAL RECORDS. These stats are according to our database.

Meets Held Here

Date Meet
2012-07-15 Spillway Classic Trail Run
2011-09-18 St. Charles Trail Run
2010-07-18 Spillway Classic Trail Run
2009-07-19 22nd Annual Spillway Classic Trail Run
2008-07-20 The Great Spillway Classic
2008-07-20 Spillway Classic
2007-07-22 Spillway Classic Trail Run
2006-07-23 Great Spillway Classic Trail Run
2004-07-18 The Great Spillway Classic
2003-07-20 The Great Spillway Classic
1999-07-18 Spillway Classic

XC Course Rating

The higher the number the more difficult the course statistically.

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