CANCELLED Hahnville Cross Country Invitational 2021

Boutte, LA
Hosted by Hahnville
Timing/Results Chipped Timing

Athlete Entries

Boys Open 2 or 3 Mile Run 6 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Butler, Austin Cole Hahnville
Mire, Aaron Hahnville
Thibodaux, Christopher Hahnville
Chiasson, Brennan Hahnville
Shaw, Mason Hahnville
Zeringue, Matthew Hahnville
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Boys Varsity 3 Mile Run 22 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Cooper, Immanuel St. Charles Catholic
Brady, Evan St. Charles Catholic
Drouin, Scott St. Charles Catholic
Looney, Charles Hahnville
Blanchard, Casey Hahnville
Lamers, Christian Hahnville
Roberts, Jordan St. Charles Catholic
Mire, Preston Hahnville
Jenson, Joshua St. Charles Catholic
Joseph, Donald St. Charles Catholic
Vicknair, Jacques St. Charles Catholic
Milioto, Tyler St. Charles Catholic
Ide, Garrett St. Charles Catholic
Rechen, Matthew Hahnville
Mader, Brett St. Charles Catholic
Elliott, Kaden Hahnville
Whitney, Aurey Hahnville
Blanchard, Gene Hahnville
Lamers, Micah Hahnville
Brignac, Ben St. Charles Catholic
Dixon, Adrien St. Charles Catholic
Robinson, Zamion 21:00.23 Hahnville
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Girls Open 2 or 3 Mile Run 17 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Charles, Carly Academy of our Lady
Jones, Kayla Academy of our Lady
Zepeda, Adriana Academy of our Lady
Tran, Lena Academy of our Lady
Ramos, Giselle Academy of our Lady
Nguyen, Emily Academy of our Lady
Marbry, Kaylen Academy of our Lady
Nedd, Shawn Academy of our Lady
Arnold, Malaya Academy of our Lady
Decuir, Avione Academy of our Lady
Tran, Therese Academy of our Lady
Nguyen, An Academy of our Lady
Nguyen, Chloe Academy of our Lady
Michel, Gabrielle Academy of our Lady
Marcotte, Laila Academy of our Lady
Allen, Micah Academy of our Lady
Becnel, Eden Academy of our Lady
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Girls Varsity 3 Mile Run 14 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Boudreaux, Caitlyn Hahnville
Grell, Ainslee Hahnville
Mire, Amelia Hahnville
Portillo, Juliana St. Charles Catholic
Vicknair, Ava St. Charles Catholic
Williams, Faith St. Charles Catholic
Dey, Madalyn Hahnville
Lavin, Kayla Hahnville
Chaney, Lydia Hahnville
Gullage, Monica Hahnville
Troxler, Sydney Hahnville
Joseph, Torie St. Charles Catholic
Menjivar, Alejandra St. Charles Catholic
Whitney, Adalynn 28:20.35 Hahnville
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