Place	School	Score	
	1	Holy Cross	15	
	2	Christian Brothers	65	
	3	St. Dominic	70	
	4	St. George's Episcopal	185	
Elementary Boys Two Mile Run		
	Place	Name	School	Time
	1	A. Sequeira	Holy Cross	12:14
	2	C. Martin	Holy Cross	12:51
	3	B. Baldassaro	Holy Cross	12:55
	4	T. Manthey	Holy Cross	13:10
	5	C. Wagener	Holy Cross	13:14
	6	J. Crawford	Holy Cross	13:16
	7	E. Planchet	Holy Cross	13:23
	8	T. Termini	Holy Cross	13:37
	9	S. Peterman	St. Dominic	13:52
	10	Q. Curley	Christian Brothers	14:01
	11	L. Batson	Christian Brothers	14:04
	12	S. Bel	Christian Brothers	14:06
	13	J. Wender	St. Dominic	14:19
	14	A. Wender	St. Dominic	14:21
	15	M. Lacour	Christian Brothers	14:26
	16	M. Ruckman	St. Dominic	14:27
	17	G. Skipper	Christian Brothers	14:30
	18	G. Barfield	St. Dominic	14:38
	19		Christian Brothers	14:46
	20		Christian Brothers	14:50
	21		Christian Brothers	14:58
	22		Christian Brothers	15:00
	23		Christian Brothers	15:01
	24		Christian Brothers	15:14
	25		Christian Brothers	15:19
	26	J. Brannon	St. George's Episcopal	15:31
	27	A. Morrison	St. George's Episcopal	15:34
	28		Christian Brothers	15:37
	29	G. Dauterive	St. Dominic	15:40
	30	J. Quintana	St. Dominic	15:41
	31	M. Taylor	St. Agnes	15:49
	32		Christian Brothers	15:58
	33	M. Malfouz	St. Dominic	16:02
	34			16:16
	35		Christian Brothers	16:23
	36		Christian Brothers	16:27
	37		Christian Brothers	16:33
	38			16:35
	39	C. Mayey	St. Angela Merici	16:54
	40		Christian Brothers	17:02
	41	B. Rosamund	St. George's Episcopal	17:11
	42		Christian Brothers	17:22
	43		Christian Brothers	17:23
	44		Christian Brothers	17:27
	45	P. Metzinger	St. George's Episcopal	17:28
	46	B. Walker	St. George's Episcopal	17:32
	47	E. Levy	St. Clement of Rome	17:52
	48		Christian Brothers	17:56
	49	J. Taylor	St. Agnes	18:17
	50		Christian Brothers	19:05
	51		Christian Brothers	19:09
	52	A. Tarleton	St. Clement of Rome	19:10
	53	C. Roussel	St. Clement of Rome	19:24
	54			19:26
	55			20:01
	56	H. McDowell	St. Dominic	20:05
	57	D. Starks	St. Agnes	20:16
	58	T. Trepagnier	St. Clement of Rome	20:18
	59	D. Hubert	St. George's Episcopal	20:34
	60	A. Ledet	St. Angela Merici	21:02
	61	C. Washington	St. Agnes	22:20
Elementary Girls Two Mile Run
1C. BarnesUrsuline Academy13:52
2S. SullivanUrsuline Academy14:15
3H. ShalesSt. Dominic14:20
4L. MarcelloUrsuline Academy14:22
5M. TrauthSt. Dominic14:38
6J. CosseUrsuline Academy14:39
7C. WisniewskiUrsuline Academy14:47
8K. NolanSt. Dominic14:49
9M. BrownUrsuline Academy15:00
10E. SequeiraSt. Dominic15:05
11V. RodriguezTrist Middle15:21
14S. WisniewskiUrsuline Academy15:42
15A. MeyaskiSt. Dominic16:11
16B. HughesSt. Dominic16:12
17M. MontleoneSt. Dominic16:13
18K. MiproSt. Angela Merici16:28
20G. CefaluSt. Angela Merici17:03
21A. RobinsonUrsuline Academy17:20
22A. RaqueSt. Angela Merici17:21
23A. DoanUrsuline Academy17:54
24K. DernsteinSt. Dominic18:07
25A. TrahantSt. Angela Merici18:15
26B. HaynesUrsuline Academy18:58
27C. ArnoldUrsuline Academy20:26
28E. BroussardSt. Dominic20:38
29G. GaghornSt. Dominic20:44
30S. ScurriaSt. Dominic20:57
31K. AndersonSt. Dominic21:38
32M. BasleySt. Angela Merici22:14
33L. LatindSt. Angela Merici22:31
34K. RoschSt. Clement of Rome23:23
35K. BrouphySt. Dominic24:25
1Brother Martin15
Junior High Boys Two Mile Run
1H. CourregeBrother Martin11:23
2A. RoevensBrother Martin11:39
3B. CrowleyBrother Martin11:51
4R. BaileyBrother Martin11:57
5M. CeravoloBrother Martin12:00
6M. BellJesuit12:15
7S. MartinezBrother Martin12:17
8D. MattioBrother Martin12:26
9T. EppsBrother Martin12:35
10C. PatinBrother Martin12:39
11B. PlasciaTrist Middle12:42
12M. PerezBrother Martin12:45
13J. TuftsJesuit13:00
14R. O'RourkeBrother Martin13:13
15M. DruryJesuit13:15
16T. MoutonDeLaSalle13:16
17N. BergeronArchbishop Shaw13:17
18J. BaierBrother Martin13:24
19P. NewburgerBrother Martin13:32
20B. RauchJesuit13:33
21R. KernBrother Martin13:34
22T. ThompsonBrother Martin13:36
23A. CibilichJesuit13:41
24B. SpinnatoBrother Martin13:42
25M. WilsonBrother Martin13:44
26E. BoosJesuit13:45
27C. TalbotJesuit13:47
28A. AdamcewiczBrother Martin13:50
29M. DischnerBrother Martin13:57
30N. MorelCatholic High Pointe Coupee13:59
31C. MeyerJesuit14:04
32K. AlexanderBrother Martin14:13
36A. StappJesuit14:24
38N. RoachTrist Middle14:26
40H. McAloonJesuit14:31
41R. WallJesuit14:32
43P. AdamsArchbishop Shaw14:34
44M. WilliamsJesuit14:38
45N. AlvarezJesuit14:40
51G. StevensJesuit15:16
54M. IngramJesuit15:22
55S. WhitsellJesuit15:32
56D. PizzalatoTrist Middle15:33
57B. RodriguezJesuit15:34
62L. ParksJesuit15:47
63J. GulizoArchbishop Shaw15:52
68A. BusenleinerJesuit17:08
1St. Joseph's Academy25
2St. Mary's Dominican71
3Mount Carmel Academy76
Junior High Girls Two Mile Run
1R. KillianArchbishop Chapelle12:47
2C. HensleySt. Mary's Dominican13:45
3H. CressonSt. Joseph's Academy13:54
4C. RichardSt. Joseph's Academy13:58
5C. WebreSt. Joseph's Academy14:09
6E. BordleeSt. Joseph's Academy14:11
7I. KotvalSt. Joseph's Academy14:12
8G. BennettMount Carmel Academy14:52
9M. ArnshawSt. Joseph's Academy14:59
10A. BeckerSt. Mary's Dominican15:24
11E. JohnsonSt. Mary's Dominican15:53
12M. HingleArchbishop Chapelle16:31
13J. GuidryCatholic High Pointe Coupee16:55
14S. CambellArchbishop Chapelle17:11
15L. LabbeMount Carmel Academy17:32
16E. CooglerMount Carmel Academy17:37
17K. SweeneyMount Carmel Academy17:38
18B. ChustzCatholic High Pointe Coupee17:54
19O. BurdntCatholic High Pointe Coupee17:55
20C. RiveraMount Carmel Academy18:06
21L. RiveraMount Carmel Academy18:42
22C. KlienMount Carmel Academy18:43
23A. BurgosSt. Mary's Dominican18:54
24S. O'BrienMount Carmel Academy19:19
25S. ThibodauxSt. Mary's Dominican19:39
26G. LidoArchbishop Chapelle20:22
27K. DiazMount Carmel Academy20:31
28M. MonteleoneMount Carmel Academy20:38
29R. MorrisonCatholic High Pointe Coupee20:43
1Brother Martin15
4Holy Cross179
5Chalmette High220
Junior Varsity Boys Three Mile Run
1I. SiglBrother Martin18:14
2J. AndersonBrother Martin18:16
3G. BelsomeBrother Martin18:23
4D. DelahoussayeBrother Martin18:30
5R.GuilleraBrother Martin18:33
6N. DicksonBrother Martin18:43
7N. BrilliBrother Martin18:44
8A. DeblancBrother Martin18:45
9Z. HildrethBrother Martin19:01
10K. SullivanJesuit19:10
11M. ManaleBrother Martin19:12
12N. LeonardBrother Martin19:13
13T. McNabbN.O. Military & Maritime Academy 19:23
14Z. YoungJesuit19:31
15B. PitreN.O. Military & Maritime Academy 19:55
16G. BeaumontBrother Martin20:00
17R. MericJesuit20:03
18D. LincolnHoly Cross20:04
19J. CuscoJesuit20:08
20C. HartupeeJesuit20:09
21D. DillonJesuit20:10
22R. VanderbrookJesuit20:13
23J. DeichmannJesuit20:25
24B. GraffagniniJesuit20:37
25K. DayBrother Martin20:38
26E. RuppertJesuit21:02
27R. LinnHoly Cross21:12
29A. PerezChalmette High21:24
30G. LorioJesuit21:26
31D. ConnickBrother Martin21:37
32Z. DeSadierBrother Martin21:39
33J. PecoraroJesuit21:40
34E. GranierBrother Martin21:44
35J. StognerChalmette High21:45
36N. RobertsHoly Cross21:46
37J. LorioJesuit21:55
38J. BrumfieldBrother Martin22:04
39G. WallisJesuit22:07
40K. ChinJesuit22:08
41B. DelauneN.O. Military & Maritime Academy 22:13
42A. AluhabyJesuit22:15
43A. LeBlancChalmette High22:18
44J. MillsBrother Martin22:21
45J. PorcheBrother Martin22:22
46P. RuffinsJesuit22:34
47M. GenoreseJesuit22:49
48A. SullivanHoly Cross22:55
50C. RouselleHoly Cross23:04
51G. CookJesuit23:36
52A. ReynoldsN.O. Military & Maritime Academy 23:41
53J. JeeBrother Martin24:11
54D. CornellaN.O. Military & Maritime Academy 24:55
55K. NguyenChalmette High25:12
56A. HellerBrother Martin25:58
57J. DesforgesBrother Martin26:36
58W. ChirinosChalmette High26:58
59N. CatalanoBrother Martin27:28
60A. NunezN.O. Military & Maritime Academy 30:29
1Mount Carmel Academy23
2St. Joseph's Academy47
3Ursuline Academy93
4St. Mary's Dominican170
5Archbishop Chapelle219
Junior Varsity Girls Three Mile
1R. ScurriaMount Carmel Academy22:51
2J. ReineckeSt. Joseph's Academy23:16
3C. SladeMount Carmel Academy23:21
4S. HealyMount Carmel Academy23:43
5L. KlimasUrsuline Academy23:45
6W. WillistonSt. Joseph's Academy23:47
7J. DeliseMount Carmel Academy23:50
8J. HotstreamMount Carmel Academy24:00
9S. GrassMount Carmel Academy24:09
10C. LandryUrsuline Academy24:10
11A. GuerraMount Carmel Academy24:11
12K. VukovicsSt. Joseph's Academy24:31
13W. SaySt. Joseph's Academy24:38
14A. WoodSt. Joseph's Academy24:39
15A. RennhoffSt. Joseph's Academy24:40
16T. LaForgeMount Carmel Academy24:41
17N. PellegrinUrsuline Academy25:28
18D. ZavalaMount Carmel Academy25:36
19M. SladeMount Carmel Academy25:51
20P. MisuracaSt. Joseph's Academy26:04
21A. LorgoMount Carmel Academy26:10
22E. EasleyMount Carmel Academy26:12
23I. GabrielN.O. Military & Maritime Academy26:19
24Mount Carmel Academy26:20
25G. DiBartoloArchbishop Chapelle26:24
26M. PradosUrsuline Academy26:31
27Mount Carmel Academy26:32
28Mount Carmel Academy26:33
29Mount Carmel Academy26:34
30Mount Carmel Academy26:45
31H. Al-MoaswesSt. Mary's Dominican27:11
32S. WallSt. Mary's Dominican27:26
33L. MoreauSt. Mary's Dominican27:28
34A. SequeraSt. Mary's Dominican27:33
35E. HaleyUrsuline Academy27:35
36Mount Carmel Academy27:43
37Mount Carmel Academy28:01
38Mount Carmel Academy28:19
39Mount Carmel Academy28:39
40R. HensleySt. Mary's Dominican28:53
41J. HeiserSt. Mary's Dominican28:54
42Mount Carmel Academy28:55
43P. BourgeoisArchbishop Chapelle28:56
44Mount Carmel Academy29:03
45Mount Carmel Academy29:07
46Mount Carmel Academy29:15
47V. WhithearstUrsuline Academy29:25
48M. WadkinsSt. Mary's Dominican29:41
49G. GardnerArchbishop Chapelle30:03
50B. ScallanArchbishop Chapelle30:16
51G. BrownUrsuline Academy30:18
52M. CrawfordArchbishop Chapelle31:07
53B. BattleArchbishop Chapelle32:30
1Brother Martin15
3Catholic High Pointe Coupee149
4Archbishop Shaw160
5Chalmette High161
6Pope John Paul II194
7Ben Franklin203
8John Ehret271
Varsity Boys Three Mile Run
1C. EdwardsBrother Martin16:18
2M. MaldonadoBrother Martin16:23
3D. YatesBrother Martin16:43
4J. FryBrother Martin17:16
5C. KirkikisBrother Martin17:20
6M. WilliamsBrother Martin17:21.34
7D. WilliamsBrother Martin17:21.86
8J. HennebergBrother Martin17:22
9S. LalaBrother Martin17:32
10A. ProvenzanoBrother Martin17:41
11J. JamesJesuit17:48
12G. NavarJesuit17:49
13N. CusimanoJesuit17:50
14N. ChanesBrother Martin18:07
15Z. BaierBrother Martin18:15
16E. GuerinBen Franklin18:20
17T. TrescaJesuit18:28
18S. WilliamsChalmette High18:43
19M. RamagosCatholic High Pointe Coupee18:44
20H. FeraciChalmette High18:46
21C. DarnallArchbishop Shaw18:56
22T. McGinnisArchbishop Shaw18:58
23E. RosiereArchbishop Shaw18:59
24J. CrochetCatholic High Pointe Coupee19:00
25T. WortmannPope John Paul II19:06
26P. RyanJesuit19:12
27J. KlingJesuit19:14
28B. CampoPope John Paul II19:28
29R. MiproBen Franklin19:33
30H. BaumCatholic High Pointe Coupee19:34
31B. GilmoreJesuit19:41
32D. NoilJohn Ehret19:44
33D. BorneBen Franklin19:45
34L. MalterJesuit19:49
35B. HurstCatholic High Pointe Coupee20:00
36L. McMahonJesuit20:23
37T. CaskeyPearl River20:30
38D. StovallArchbishop Shaw20:31
39W. WilliamsChalmette High20:36
40H. TylerChalmette High20:41
41W. LeBlancCatholic High Pointe Coupee20:45
42J. LeonardPope John Paul II20:53
43T. O'CallahmanCatholic High Pointe Coupee20:56
44T. ManleyChalmette High21:05
46R. TaylorJohn Ehret21:17
47D. JarreauCatholic High Pointe Coupee21:22
48C. GruntzJesuit21:32
49M. PearcyPope John Paul II21:35
50R. MundinePope John Paul II21:39
51S. CrowePearl River21:44
52J. AndersonChalmette High21:47
53K. BourqueCatholic High Pointe Coupee22:00
54B. BaileyChalmette High22:17
55C. RaffertyPope John Paul II22:21
56J. AnthonyArchbishop Shaw22:38
57T. HernandezArchbishop Shaw22:41
58J. HopperBen Franklin22:44
60P. PhillipsPope John Paul II23:06
61C. SchecksneidreArchbishop Hannan23:17
62T. PiletPope John Paul II23:21
63Q. Reed-McKayJohn Ehret23:42
64A. VigilireJohn Ehret23:49
65H. WilkinsonArchbishop Hannan23:53
66C. HayesJohn Ehret24:01
67A. McConnellBen Franklin25:01
68John Ehret25:23
69John Ehret25:39
70John Ehret25:49
71J. SpuhrerPearl River27:08
72T. CihangirPope John Paul II27:52
73John Ehret28:38
74A. FournierPearl River30:13
1Mount Carmel Academy36
2Catholic High Pointe Coupee62
3St. Joseph's Academy82
4Ben Franklin143
5Ursuline Academy154
6St. Mary's Dominican200
7Chalmette High239
8Archbishop Chapelle280
Varsity Girls Three Mile Run
1I. HembMount Carmel Academy19:20
2A. BurleighCatholic High Pointe Coupee19:24
3D. LoveSophie B. Wright19:49
4K. OlindeCatholic High Pointe Coupee20:29
5E. CallejasVandebilt Catholic20:33
6A. LavilleSt. Joseph's Academy20:34
7A. FreeseMount Carmel Academy20:42
8C. HembMount Carmel Academy20:45
9K. NunezMount Carmel Academy20:46
10J. SmithCatholic High Pointe Coupee20:47
11H. HoffmanMount Carmel Academy21:04
12L. WalkerBen Franklin21:09
13C. AndriesSt. Joseph's Academy21:15
14K. MayerMount Carmel Academy21:27
15O. FulmerCatholic High Pointe Coupee21:33
16R. LangleyBen Franklin21:37
17S. GrassMount Carmel Academy21:48
18J. NelsonChalmette High21:51
19M. MermigasSt. Joseph's Academy21:56
20M. Labbe'Mount Carmel Academy21:59
21N. KotulSt. Joseph's Academy22:02
22N. HaikUrsuline Academy22:04
23M. TatmanSt. Joseph's Academy22:08
24R. BordMount Carmel Academy22:17
25E. NuslochUrsuline Academy22:25
26E. SeiterSt. Joseph's Academy22:27
27S. KnotsSt. Joseph's Academy22:28
28E. BrownUrsuline Academy22:33
29E. ArnoldMount Carmel Academy22:34
30L. HuvalMount Carmel Academy22:39
31M. OlindeCatholic High Pointe Coupee22:41
32P. FatlandBen Franklin22:44
33L. FallonSt. Joseph's Academy22:47
34M. BogartSt. Mary's Dominican22:49
35A. ZakariaSt. Mary's Dominican22:52
36K. GatesSt. Joseph's Academy22:57
37E. JeeMount Carmel Academy22:59
38A. McKayUrsuline Academy23:01
39L. St. CyrSt. Mary's Dominican23:06
40P. HowardBen Franklin23:07
41G. TerreboneUrsuline Academy23:11
42V. YoungArchbishop Chapelle23:12
43R. RiceBen Franklin23:32
44M. ForshagSt. Mary's Dominican23:39
46R. LoriaChalmette High23:48
47D. BarbarinChalmette High23:56
48O. BernsteinSt. Mary's Dominican23:57
49K. LabadieBen Franklin24:10
50K. LaneUrsuline Academy24:24
51J. SmithCatholic High Pointe Coupee24:31
52L. ThomsonSt. Mary's Dominican25:06
53J. AtallehWest Jefferson25:12
54E. BiermanArchbishop Chapelle25:20
55M. AlbaWest Jefferson25:21
56K. LaCourCatholic High Pointe Coupee25:33
57M. HurstCatholic High Pointe Coupee25:39
58B. SmithArchbishop Chapelle25:42
59X. ZhingBen Franklin26:26
60K. GummowCatholic High Pointe Coupee26:44
61E. HernandezChalmette High26:50
62S. CementaArchbishop Chapelle26:54
63J. NavePearl River27:14
64M. SilvaArchbishop Chapelle27:20
65T. JohnsonJohn Ehret27:24
66E. GarnsorBen Franklin27:26
67A. HontiverosChalmette High27:32
68G. HerbertBen Franklin27:48
69K. MarchandArchbishop Hannan27:49
70E. TotaroArchbishop Chapelle28:48
72J. PepitonArchbishop Chapelle28:56
73P. LaurentArchbishop Hannan29:12
74S. LaraWest Jefferson30:05
75T. CoxJohn Ehret30:07
76N. SpryJohn Ehret32:09