Composite High School Team Rankings - Week #7


Boys Composite Rankings
  1. 1. (0) St. Paul's - St. Paul's continues to impress teams and fans alike, by once again winning against some stiff state competition, this time at the Walker Shootout.  Regarded as the state's quickest course, the Wolves came out  on top, under tough conditions (rain and mud). These conditions most likely equalized the course's quick reputation, averaging 15:45 over 3 miles.  Being led by Zach Albight, who championed in 15:00.03, the Wolves finished with 43 points- more than half the points made by the state's number 2 team, Catholic High. With state approaching fast, will the Wolves finally break their state meet curse?  One thing is for sure, if they don't, it will be just that.
  2. 2. (0) Catholic High - The Bears come in at #2 this week.  The Patriots are nipping at their heels and may beat CHS head to head (on a good day). However, the last time the two went head to head, (Walker Invite) the Pats did not run to their potential and the Bears came out the victors.  Therefore, with a 16:24 average from Walker this past weekend and a extremely slender 46 second 1-5 gap, the Bears hold onto #2.
  3. 3. (0) John Curtis - Although John Curtis had a bad race at Walker, they rebounded 4 days later with a phenomenal race - winning the St. Thomas Aquinas Invite with a low scoring, 30 points.  With a team average of16:13, they definitely turned some heads this week. Maybe even putting some fear in Catholic High, but unfortunately, they won't get a chance to race again this season. 
  4. 4. (0) Brother Martin - Brother Martin wins their home meet with a perfect 15, claiming the entire top ten in cold, wet, and muddy conditions. They look like they are getting closer to a final state push. With the Crusaders in striking distance to their in town rivals (Jesuit) at #5, will they in the rankings following this weekend's New Orleans Metropolitan meet, with LA #3, #4, #5,& #7 expected to be in attendance?
  5. 5. (0) Jesuit - "The strength of the wolf is in a pack." Oh, wait, they're the  Blue Jays. Well, I guess there is no witty saying for a pack running Jays, but if there was - this team would enbody it. There was a  21 second gap from runners 1-5. Are you kidding me? Wow!  The future looks bright for this team, comprised of 2 seniors (#3 & 4 runners), 4 juniors, and a sophomore.
  6. 6. (0) Episcopal - Episcopal, had a less than stellar race at Walker; however, a closer look reveals that they were missing #2 runner, Ben Murrey.  Without the absence of Murrey, they would have finished about where we expected them.  The Knights remain at #6 this week.
  7. 7. (+2) Shaw - Shaw has come alive in the 2013 XC season's end.  Making their first arrival in the Week #5 polls, they have pulled the 7-9-7, once again finding themselves at the number 7 spot. Dethroning a one man downed Episcopal, they continue to improve. However, it is hard for us to rank them ahead of the Dupe's Knights, despite their defeat.  The potential is there, especially with a healthy Kyle Soulant.  
  8. 8. (0) West Monroe - The mysterious team from the North.  McDuffie's Rebels have a team average of 16:57, although we have seen them race very little this year, they seem to be improving with every racing opportunity. 
  9. 9. (+2) Ponchatoula -  Ponchatoula makes their first arrival in the rankings this week after their performance in Hammond, at the St. Thomas Aquinas Invite.  The Green Wave captured the runner-up trophy, with  a 16:54 team average behind a strong John Curtis squad.  
  10. 10. (0) Mandeville - The team race for #8-12 spots is very tight.  We rank Mandeville at #10 because our database told us to. Although West Monroe was the original #10 in our database, we moved them because, as we've seen in the past, McDuffy always has something up his sleeve. The mysterious and intimidating Rebels push ahead of Mandeville, sticking them at #10.

*** Benton Boys - We keep hearing they are good, but we have no results on file.



Girls Composite Rankings
  1. 1. (0) Menard - Although our database tells us  Mandeville should be ranked #1, the stats don't account for everything.  Menard has proved to us all season, that despite where we rank them or who they run against, they will come out on top.  If they run to their capabilities for the few remaining XC meets,  it is unlikely that they will drop in position.  Congrats to a great season, girls! Now, finish strong. 
  2. 2. (+1) St. Joseph - In a surprising upset, St. Joseph beats Mandeville by one point.  Despite St. Joseph's being ranked 5th in our database, we are still keep them at #2.  It's all about head to head competition, and as of now, they deserve this spot.
  3. 3. (-1) Mandeville - The Skippers slip another spot this week after their loss to St. Joseph.  Mandeville has incredible potential, and could possibly be #1, if they all put it together on the same day. However, we can't discredit their loss in the last meetings to St. Joseph Academy at Walker, or Menard at Catholic High.  It is going to be a great race at state between St. Joseph and Mandeville. With counting Parkway, SSA, Mt. Carmel and Dominican, girls 5A is going to be insane!
  4. 4. (+7) Sacred Heart (NOLA) - Thinking back to the 2012 season, the same scenario seems to be unfolding with this team.  Being almost nonexistent in the rankings, they showed up and won in Nachitoches. This week, they showed up at St. Thomas  and beat last week's number 6 by a slender margin.  Apparently, one of the Caro-s spooked the Cardinals from their perch, becoming # 4 this week, after their "awakening" in Hammond. 
  5. 5. (+6) Mt. Carmel - Kelley's Cubs have a team average of 19:54, putting them back into the rankings this week.  With potential to sit as high as 4, we still rank them at #5, due to their defeat by Sacred Heart (Hammond) and St. Joseph's  (Catholic High), who have slower team averages.
  6. 6. (-2) Parkway - Led by Alabama bound, Alison Ringle, the panthers sit at #6 this week, purely off of database rankings. As the Panthers won't race any of these teams until state,  who knows what's going to happen in November.
  7. 7. (-1) St. Scholastica - Missing a few runners at Catholic and losing to a bunch of the teams on the polls, the Doves returned with a full squad at Walker and finish third behind SJA and Mandeville, one spot ahead of Dominican, and that is exactly where we are ranking them this week, clocking in with a 20:12 team average. 
  8. 8. (-3) Dominican - Dominican finds themselves in a strange predicament this week. They are not being the favorites heading into the state meet, and have one of the largest 1-5 gaps amongst the ranked teams.  If they close this gap, they could potentially be challenging for a top 3 spot at 5A state, if not look for them to remain at their current spot.
  9. 9. (+1) St. Thomas More - Due to insider information, we rank this team at #9, off of this past week's performance at an unreported Louisiana Meet (grr).   We don't want to move them too far up after one race, but watch out for the Panthers at state. 
  10. 10. (-2) Episcopal - As always, the #10 spot is a tough call, but due to Episcopal defeating some of the teams under consideration, they grab the last spot in the polls this week.
*** Benton Girls - We keep hearing they are good, but we have no results on file.